Free Mobile Games That Are Perfect for Commutes or Travel

Mobile games are all the rage, doing away with the need for annoying cables and stationary gaming stations. This means games can fit around a person’s lifestyle, rather than the other way around.

Here are some of the games that, as well as being perfectly suited to mobile devices, are also either cheap or free to play.


Which of these mobile games do you tune into on a regular basis?

A Pocket-Sized Taste of Las Vegas

One genre of mobile game that is certainly in vogue is the casino game genre. Originally played in the gaming halls of famous establishments in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, such games are now lighting up apps and mobile sites, with many being more user-friendly on mobile than they are on PC, laptop, or console.

What makes these games even better to play is that new players can often sample their delights for little or sometimes no charge, thanks to comparison websites pulling together all the best free spins and no deposit bonuses out there. This allows mobile players to test out which game suits them, as they wait for a flight, catch a bus, or hunker down for a few stops on the underground.

What this means is that no matter where a mobile gamer is, they can feel like they are sauntering through the lobby of a glitzy Vegas or Monaco casino establishment.


So many of the best aspects of Las Vegas gaming now fit neatly in your pocket or handbag

Vast Open World Games That Still Fit on Mobile

There was a time when huge open world games were the sole reserve of powerful consoles and PCs. New phones and tablets now mean that such games are gaining just as big a following on mobile.

Some great examples, which are completely free to play on mobile, are Genshin Impact and Tales of Crestoria.

Join a Battle Royale Wherever You Find Yourself

If trawling beautiful landscapes sounds too time intensive, then there are plenty of mobile games that throw players straight into the heart of the action.

Online battle royale games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite let mobile players compete against anyone from around the world, whether they are fellow mobile gamers or players using mice and controllers.

Puzzlers Keep Your Brain Cogs Whirring

While many people use games to switch off and relax, there are others who want gaming experiences that give their brain a workout.

There is no shortage of free mobile puzzlers out there for people to try and a couple of our favorites are Monument Valley and Prune.