Casual Style Tips For Men Wanting to Look Better

If you want to dress better, then looking for some style advice is a good place to start. A lot of what you might find tends to be around seasonal trends, but that isn’t necessarily what you are looking for. If you are looking to boost your style game and look better in your clothes, then some simple styling tricks are all that you need to know. Of course, wearing something like a suit and shirt is going to instantly make you look sharp. But what about on your casual days? Here are some style tips to help; remember, fashions fade, but style is something that is eternal.


Give up the cartoon tees

One of the first things that you should do is to dress more like your age, and ditch the graphic or cartoon tees. If you want to look better and want to look more stylish, it is time to give them up. There are so many better options for you out there. Think about who your style icon is. Perhaps it is someone like David Beckham or model David Gandey. Do you see them wearing t-shirts with cartoons on? Give them up, and choose a more sensible tee.

Proper Fitting Jeans

Jeans are something that so many people can get wrong. They are a classic for everyone, and something that are a bit of a go-to item. You can instantly make yourself look better and much more stylish if you have jeans that fit well. If you have ill-fitting jeans, then they won’t flatter you well. They could be too tight or too baggy, which aren’t good looks. Jeans, or something like chino pants should be able to stay up when you are wearing them without using a belt (although using a belt is a good idea). They should also not hang around your ankles. Other things to avoid on jeans are any embellishments, so avoid anything like excessive rips or jean distressing, and no bleaching patches. The best choice is to go for a dark-blue pair of jeans that fits you well. 

Pant legs that suit you

Once you have found the style of jeans that you like, you need to make sure that you are choosing the style of leg that is going to look best on you. If you are quite an athletic person, with larger thighs, then choosing an athletic fit is going to be better than a skinny fit. If you are quite average sized, then choosing a slim fit jean is a good idea. You could also choose a straight leg jean if you are a larger guy or have a rounder belly. Basically, avoid super skinny jeans that were a thing back in the early 2000s. When they fit you well and the shape suits you best, you will instantly look better than before.

This is just the start when it comes to style and choosing what works well for you. Think about getting items that are quality and will last, as well as pieces that are going to work well with others. Then you will have a versatile and flexible closet.  

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