Emma Heming AKA Mrs Bruce Willis

If you are married to one of the most successful actors in the world it would probably be easy to just spend the day travelling from Beauty Salon to Movie Premier, to Designer Clothes Store, to Hollywood party and back.

Not so for Maltese born, London raised Emma Heming Willis.

emma heming interview

Having modelled for ALL the big names in Fashion including John Galliano, Paco Rabanne, Christian Dior, Maska, Ralph Lauren, La Senza lingerie and Victoria’s Secret before she fell in love and married Bruce Willis, she continues to juggle half a dozen work projects and still have the tea ready when the step-kids come home from school.

Now she is widening her CV to include Perfumer and soon to be Author, and despite her Hollywood lifestyle and fame her feet are still very much on the ground….

emma heming willis What have you been up to recently?
I recently became the face of Dior in Asia (pic left) which was an honour. I have a lot going on work-wise in Germany at the moment. Clothing, accessory, Jewellery line, Bruce’s second fragrance, and a cookbook.

How did you get into modelling?
My mom got me in the business. She was a model and then a commercial agent long ago. So I kind of fell into it.

All models say it is hard work, but is it really?
Without a doubt. After you realize that its not as glamorous as you would have thought and hoped for, it’s a grind. There are many upsides to that world but there are way more downs to it as well.

It served me very well for many years but I can say that I’m happy to be moving in another direction now.

Who is your current favourite designer(s)?
Alaia and Giambattista Valli. But I am a bargain and sale girl for the most part. So if it’s on sale, looks good, and fits I’ll grab it. I couldn’t care less what is written on the label.

Did you enjoy acting with Bruce in Perfect Stranger?
If you blink you’ll miss me in that film. Of course I knew of Bruce but didn’t “know” him when I filmed my BIG scene for his movie. Lol

Do you have any plans to do any more?
Nope. Acting was never my passion. So I get to leave it to the professionals in my family.

Do you still get free underwear from Victoria Secrets?
Now that you got me thinking, I don’t think I ever received a single free item from them!

Emma Heming interview

Is it easy to lead a ‘normal’ life away from the cameras and the showbiz stuff?
We live a very normal life. It’s effortless. We know the places to go where the paps aren’t lurking. We can stay under the radar for the most part and don’t create that kind of circus around us. We choose normality.

What perfume do you wear?
I wear what suits my mood. I love a musk! Right now I’ve been leaning towards Tom Ford’s fragrances. It’s a great line with interesting notes. Wow I sound so posh! I’ve taken an interest in that world recently because of Bruce’s fragrance.

It’s an interesting process to come up with a fragrance and we came up with a good one for him. He’s had a lot of success with it.

Where is your favourite place in the world?
I’m a sand and sun girl. Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos is my all time favorite.

Who is your favourite band / type of music?
I love hip hop. I started listening to it when I was really young and my love for it has really never died.

Emma Heming Willis interviewWhat is your specialty in the kitchen?
I love to cook. My husband and step daughters always ask for my Salmon cakes, Roasted Chicken, and Chicken Cacciatore.
So I guess those are my specialties!

You recently joined twitter, who are you following?
I’m running a cute little mom and pop twitter page! I follow a lot of fashion people, sites, and blogs. I get all my news from Twitter now it seems. Whenever I see a Breaking News tweet my heart skips a beat cause really I’m yet to hear any good news from them! They are a debbie downer.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Bruce has just wrapped on a bunch of films so we are settling into a relaxing summer.
But come September I’m back to Germany and to work.

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