Email Marketing Tips To Make Sure Your Business Doesn’t Go Unread

If you’re looking to help your business separate itself from the crowd and build connections with your customers or clients that keep them coming back, then email marketing is a tactic you should be implementing right away.

Email marketing can ensure that you remain visible and relevant to customers who might otherwise forget to check-in. It can help you target them with the deals and content that are meant specifically for them. However, you need to make sure that you do it right, or else your customers will start to tune out and, eventually, click that unsubscribe button. Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your email marketing efforts.

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Make sure that your emails look good

The first thing that you want to do is to ensure that the emails you’re sending represent the brand well. This means that a block of text alone isn’t going to cut it. Thankfully, there are a lot of great email builder tools that can make that easy for those who don’t happen to have a degree in graphic design. You can find a style that works well for you and then drag and drop the appropriate elements into place without too much difficulty. Just make sure that you don’t clutter things up too much visually. You want it to look good, but the content you’re delivering is still the focus, not the visuals.

Be smart with your opt-in pages

Of course, if you want your email marketing campaigns to be effective at driving clicks and sales, you have to make sure people are subscribing to them in the first place. To that end, you need to create opt-in pages where they will give the details necessary to subscribe. Effective placement of those forms where they are visible but don’t interrupt the process of using your website is a good idea. While you want good information on the customer, you also don’t want to ask too many questions. Basically, the more barriers that your opt-in page proposes, the more likely it is that the customer is simply going to click away from it, instead.

Make sure your mailing list is legit

If you want an accurate idea of how well your emails are doing, then you want to see how many people it’s reaching. However, this can be hard to see when people are using dummy emails that might not be legit or emails that have gone inactive from disuse. You want to remove emails that clog up the stats, but you don’t want to accidentally delete emails that are active, at the same time. To that end, there are tools that check if email address is valid for you. Run your mailing list through this tool and you can much more reliably check out which accounts you should keep and which you should get rid of.

Personalise your emails to your readers

Taking the personal approach is almost always going to land better with your customers or clients. There are plenty of tools within most email builders that allow you to insert personal details, such as the names, occupations, and more of your readers. What’s more, if you’re inclined to, you can even get more personal in the content that you deliver. For instance, you can use tools that recommend products based on the customer’s purchasing history if you’re trying to sell them on promotions or deals. If the customer believes that the email isn’t for them or it feels irrelevant, they’re a lot more likely to ignore future emails.

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Personalise the type of emails that they’re going to get as well 

You can customise the content of emails to the recipient, but you should also think about giving them more freedom to customise the type of emails that they’re willing to accept from you, as well. For instance, there are some who might be happy to receive news, offers, and recommended purchases from you, whereas others might only be willing to receive emails that have offers and discounts from you. Yes, offering this choice might mean that fewer people subscribe to certain kinds of emails but the reality is that if you don’t give them the option, they’re more likely to opt out or unsubscribe down the line when you send them enough emails that aren’t relevant to their interests.

Use segmentation to your advantage

The relevance and value of the emails that you send, from the viewpoint of the recipient, is always the most important part of any email marketing campaign. Aside from letting them choose which emails are more relevant to them, you can craft content that’s more relevant to them, too. You can send emails with content specific to demographic data, such as age, gender, and company position, or you can send emails that are more likely to appeal to those who open more of your emails on average. This is known as email segmentation and it can very valuable for deciding which types of emails get sent out to which people on your mailing list. It can take time to create content specific to different segments, but if you’re sending out emails routinely, you are already likely putting that work in, you just need to optimise its delivery.

Make them more fitting for email devices

A lot more people are using mobile devices to read their emails nowadays. In fact, the daily commute on the bus or train is prime email checking time for a lot of people. As such, you want to make sure that when they check the email on their phone, they’re able to actually see your emails effectively. Nowadays, responsive websites and emails that work on mobile devices should be treated as mandatory. This might mean having to create a different template for mobile users or simply considering how different elements of the email scale for smaller screens.

Leverage Emails As A Funnel To Your Website

Using emails as a direct funnel to your website can significantly amplify your marketing efforts, especially when you harness the power of chrome third-party cookies. These cookies are crucial for tracking user behavior across different sites, allowing you to tailor your email content more effectively to individual needs and interests. By embedding links in your emails that lead back to your website, and utilizing chrome third-party cookies, you can gain insightful data on how recipients interact with your site. This information enables you to refine your marketing strategies, ensuring that the content you deliver is not only engaging but also drives meaningful traffic to your website. Remember, the goal is to create a seamless journey for your email subscribers, guiding them from personalized email content to your website, where they can explore your offerings in greater depth.

Email marketing is worth investing time and money into, given how many customers are checking their emails regularly, nowadays. Take the tips above to heart.

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