You Don’t Have To Suffer to Be Beautiful: Finding the Balance between Comfort and Style in S/S 2017

It looks 2017 is the year we prove the old adage that “you have to suffer to be beautiful” wrong, as more and more women opt for stylish comfort while traditionally glamorous options like stiletto heels start to lose their grip on the fashion world.

While this shift has been brewing for a while, with the emergence of the recent PromoPony survey revealed that 68% of people believe that comfort and not style is the most important factor when buying new trainers. As demonstrated by celebrities like Mila Kunis and Kirsten Stewart, however, an emphasis on comfortable and relaxed doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking great.

Here are some ways you can wear the most recent and upcoming trends without leaving yourself exhausted and sore at the end of the day.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a great option for comfortable dressing, particularly coming into Spring, although they have been seen before. You can update this classic look for Spring/Summer 2017 by buying one in a bold head-to-toe floral print, as seen in Balenciaga’s most recent collection, or a statement stripe, like those worn by the Mulberry models at London Fashion Week.For those looking to make less of a bold statement, the minimalism trend of 2016 is still going strong – now re-branded “post-minimalism” – and so a maxi dress in a solid, muted colour, preferably one with a pleated fabric or an unusual silhouette, should suffice.

Myer Spring Summer Fashion Launch
by Eva Rinaldi

80s Revival

After the recent 90s explosion, the fashion world seems to be regressing back a decade into the 80sfor 2017, which is a good thing considering some of the fashion blunders that characterised the early 2000s. Off-the-shoulder tops have already had a huge resurgence and could be paired with slouchy tailored trousers for a comfortable, on-trend look. Streetwear (think branded hoodies) and athleisure are also set to have their moment in the spotlight, however, so you could go for maximum comfort with a pair of leggings, some trainers and an on-trend band t-shirt. Glam up these looks by looking out for ruffled shirts or large statement belts.

by  bigredpenguin

See-through fashion

Mesh, fishnet and sheer materials are all having a boost in popularity right about now and are a great addition to a comfortable going-out outfit to give it wow factor without having to wedge yourself into something bodycon. Fishnet tights are a great way to accompany a plain black skirt, or you could wear a loose sheer top over a jeans and t-shirt look in order to jazz it up. Layering is a great way to incorporate these materials into your wardrobe if you’re not happy baring more than a little bit but still want to nod to the hot new trends.

by Sassy Librarian

There are lots of other ways to incorporate on-trend pieces – such as culottes, the trouser style that is everywhere on university campuses right now – into your wardrobe without sacrificing your own comfort and these are just a few ideas.

Ultimately, however, even if you decide to ignore the big trends for S/S 2017 and go your own way (maybe you’ll be the one to kick off that noughties comeback), the main thing to remember is that the most beautiful outfit is always going to be the one that makes you feel great!