Don’t Bring Bedbugs Home

We love to travel. That’s why we dedicate an entire section of this magazine to the amazing places around the globe. We also love to tell you about these places, which we hope will inspire you to get out into the world and see some of it.

There are certain things about traveling that aren’t pleasant though. Plane delays, lost reservations, and bedbugs are a few of them. No matter who you are, you are susceptible to a bed bug infestation and the percentage of bringing them home is higher the more you travel.

Don’t worry. There are steps you can take to ensure bed bugs don’t catch a ride across the map in your luggage. If you already have bed bugs then we suggest getting that taken care of quickly. There are ways to get rid of them but, sometimes if the infestation is bad, then you may need to get a new mattress.

If you are at the point of needing a new mattress, the Nector Memory Foam Mattress might be just what you are looking for. It was rated highly by the Sleep Judge for value and the ability to remain free of bedbugs. The Nector Memory Foam would be a great investment for someone that travels frequently.

Start At Home

When you begin to pack for your trip, make sure to bring along a few things. Trash bags made of plastic would be a great place to keep your suitcases in when you aren’t using them in the hotel. You can purchase large seasonable bags to put your clothing in as well. Print out a copy of what to look for and bring a small flashlight for your inspection.

When you get to the room

Before anything, you need to keep your suitcases off the floor and the bed. Put them in the tub since this is the last place they would be. Don’t unpack anything except the print out we suggested and the flashlight. It’s time to start inspecting the room

Get the Bed

This is the first place you want to check for bedbugs. After all, they are named after that specific piece of furniture. Take the pillows off and pull back the comforter, the sheets, and even the mattress protector. These little guys hide inside the bed so you might as well get as deep as you can.

Shine the flashlight on the seams of the mattress. Don’t forget this crevices and any folds. After you are finished with the mattress you should check the box spring, if there is one. If there are bedbugs you should see spots that are black/red.


When you are finished with the bed and box spring take the pillowcases and check all the seams. This is where bed bugs like to hide.

Other Furnishings

It’s not over yet. Take a look behind the headboard if it is accessible to you. Pull open the drawers of your nightstand and take a look in there. You should check any chairs or sofas in the room and the pillows that come with them. Make sure to check underneath if you can.

One piece of furniture in a hotel room you might not think to check is the luggage rack. Bedbugs sometimes find homes in hotel rooms because they got there in the luggage of other travelers. To be on the safe side check the straps on the luggage stand as well.

Get Moving

After your inspection start unpacking and do it quickly. Get your clothes into the plastic bags we recommended you bring. If you are especially concerned with things lingering in the drawers of the hotel room dresser, you can clean them out with some antibacterial wipes you can bring from home.

Close Your Bags

This is especially important. After you are done unpacking your suitcases, we recommend closing your bags right away and then putting them into the trash bags you packed for the trip. This will ensure that the time your bags are left alone while you are enjoying your adventure will not get any new visitors.

When You Get Home

People get bedbugs when traveling a sometimes, no matter how careful you are.  They will find a way onto your clothes or into your suitcase. The next thing you know they are infesting your home and forcing you to buy a new mattress. This can be avoided if you take precautions when your arrive home before you start putting all your clothes and items you purchased away.


Wash all of your clothes, even if you didn’t wear them. If your clothes can stand the heat, wash them in hot water. Of course, you don’t want to ruin that fashionable blouse so be careful what clothing you put in that hot water. If you can dry the clothes, do so because bed bugs die at any temperature over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have nicer clothing in there, get it dry cleaned.


If you can get the luggage in a hot room, the better off you are. Maybe keep them in the car for the day if it’s sunny. If this isn’t possible, then vacuum it before putting it away.


It is possible to avoid bed bugs if you are a frequent traveler. These little pests have found to be dwelling in the poorest and the richest homes. There is no social discrimination in the minds of these blood suckers. But you can avoid the grossness of having them in your home by possible prevention when you are trekking around the world.

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