Street Art – Destroy All Design

Destroy All Design

If you have travelled around Los Angeles lately chances are you’ve seen an image of an old school Atari Joystick, either on a wall or on a lampost. It caught my eye as Space Invaders (on the Atari Games console) was the first computer game I played that wasn’t at a fairground.

Flush the Fashion tracked down the perpetrators, a mysterious art movement that is Destroy All Design.

Where are you based?
Mostly out of my brain or what’s left of it. No seriously, Los Angeles.

What is Destroy All Design?
Destroy All Design is my philosophy. I believe that to find one’s true self, they must destroy all the bullshit around them to reach enlightenment. Everyday, we stack a load of life crap on ourselves. Your cell phone, your fancy car, your hot ass girlfriend ad nauseam.

Guess what, all that shit owns you. It defeats you. Destroy All Design is about taking back control of yourself. The joystick represents that control.

Destroy All DesignHow long has Destroy All Design been around?
I would say a couple of years. Then again, I did blackout a few times in my life so I might have to get back to you on this.

Do you have a mission?
My art is about opening your mind and achieving some sort of clarity in your life. I want you to wake up from that daily commute. I want art to evoke feelings in you. You’re more than a number….perhaps you might see that if you think hard enough.

How many people are involved?
People: 1 : Internal Voices: 10

Who are your artistic heroes?
The Sex Pistols, Pantera, Picasso, Warhol, Slayer, Johnny Walker, Black Sabbath, Muhammad Ali & Dondi

What have you got planned for this year?
I plan to do several art shows this year and also continue the Destroy movement.

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