Creating a Music Room at Home

Losing yourself in something you are passionate about can be one of the best feelings in the world. Regardless of your interest, being able to indulge in what you love can be cathartic, don’t you think? This is especially true if your passion is music. Losing yourself to the sounds, rhythm and lyrics has something you can’t quite find elsewhere.

So how do you bring this love into your house to help you immerse in the music in the perfect way without leaving home? One of the most popular ways is to dedicate some space at home for the music alone. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy your passion elsewhere around the home but creating the perfect space to listen to or even to play music can have its benefits. 

Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

If you are thinking of creating a music room at home, here are some suggestions to help you make the most of the space in a way that not only works for you but also your family and neighbours too.

Choose A Suitable Location.

Placing a music room in the middle of a busy household isn’t ideal for anyone. So try to choose a room that is away from where all the activity is. If possible, a basement or garage could work well, or even the attic if you are able to convert it. Once you have found the best location then you can make a start on creating your perfect room.


Whether you like to play your music loud or practise your craft, it makes sense to have appropriate soundproofing for your music room. This will help you out with the neighbours if, for example, you choose to convert a garage to a music studio! No one wants to listen to someone else’s noise constantly, so bear this in mind when you create your room. Soundproofing is essential, even if you are on a tight budget.

Items such heavy curtains hung on walls can minimise noise as can rigs and thick carpeting on the floor can help if you can afford to pay out for professionals to do this for you.


If you are making a statement with your room, then it makes sense to adorn the walls with replicas of some of music’s most loved instruments and memorabilia.

Whether you want to go understated or over the top, no one can deny the appeal of making a piano a centrepiece. A beautifully crafted Hailun Piano is not only great to play, or learn on but can be a great focal point to any music room. Regardless of your instrument of choice, having a piano can really help bring your music to life.

Lighting is also an essential part of the ambience of a music room. From having the correct lighting to see sheet music to lamps to help you create the right feel for when you play, or just listening to music. Think about adding spotlights, lamps, and dimmer switches to help you control the feel of the lighting over yourself and other musicians who will come and play in your music room or just to help you relax to your favourite artists.