Culture: Casino Fashion

Fashion is more than just the clothes, hairstyles and accessories that are in at the time. It’s an attitude and a way of expressing yourself to the world. Fashion can change from place to place, group to group and person to person, so while two people could have completely different styles, they’re still fashionable.

Combing what’s popular with what’s right for you can also include dressing to match the situation. The confidence and feelings you want to convey should be carefully considered and this definitely true when it comes to casinos.


Casinos are temples of magic, excitement, risk, reward and life changing events in a unique world. Online casinos are on the rise, and if you visit Ladylucks, you don’t have to worry about your fashion sense. You can wear whatever’s comfortable for a relaxing day at home or you could be wearing your work clothes as you play on your way to your job. This contains the gambling, excitement and money, but it lacks the atmosphere and the larger than life world. A major real-life casino such as one you’d find in Las Vegas will contain all this fashion and glamour. It’s big money, celebrities, shows, music, dining and more all rolled into one and you will need to look the part.

A suit or tuxedo have long been the standard for formal wear for men and while there have been some changes, they remain a fashionable way to attend any important function. Whether it’s work related, a family gathering, a meal, a club or whatever, you can always look great in a suit and that’s definitely true for casinos. This has only been enforced by the media, especially the James Bond films. Several entries in the Bond series have prominently featured casino and Bond has always wore his trademark suit while he’s there, making people believe they can capture some of his cool if they dress similarly. You want to feel as good as you look while you are in the casino, so comfort is important. Whether playing the games, eating, drinking or seeing a show, you can get style and comfort with suits from Cotton Go or Suitsupply.


For women, you’ll have more possibilities, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Finding the right look for a casino visit will have more flexibility but that means it can be harder to get it wrong. If you’re going for black tie, then you can consider a formal evening gown or an afternoon or cocktail dress if you for a less formal occasion. A long dress skirt with matching top also works, with many other options being available.

It’s worth bearing in mind that casino may have a dress code, so you will need to look into it and attire yourself appropriately ahead of time. Checking out the casino in advance can give you an edge and staying up to date with the top trends will make you look good and feel confident as you roll the dice, play your cards and pull the lever of the exotic and strange world of the casino.