3 Bags That Every Bingo Lover Must Own!

Its no secret, we girls carry our world in our bags. The struggle is even bigger when you have to match the bag with the occasion, especially when its something special like a bingo party. So, here are 3 awesome bingo bags that can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.


A stylish bingo clutch can add glamour to your look. The trick is to dress as simple as you can with the most minimal make-up. This clutch will complete your look giving you the confidence to play well.

J-String Bag

A perfect chic look, J-string bags are perfect for a ‘ready-to-go, come what may’ attitude. Style it with a pair of boyfriend t-shirt and a pair of distressed jeans to look your best.

Bingo Pouch

A light weight and modish looking pouch is a must carry for all the old ladies out there who are planning for a fun, peppy bingo party. The bingo pouch is very handy and can also be used by attaching a black sling chain.

With these 3 fancy bags, be ready to flaunt your looks with other bingo patrons on the site’s community forum. Also, don’t miss out on the free bingo no deposit required offer on Bingo Magix where you can play bingo for free!