Care of Tyres During Lockdown

Lock down due to Corona virus has introduced a strange paradox. On the one hand you seemingly have all the time in the world due compulsion to stay at home, but many precious and useful things in your house require attention and care if these have to be kept in operational state.

 Your vehicles in general and their tyres in particular require special care, since they bear very special stresses and environmental hazards being static for prolonged duration due to lockdown.

Some Common Hazards

 Some of the hazards that can affect your vehicle tyres are ; damage to the treads on tyres surface which remains in contact with ground over a prolonged period, escape of air from the tyres resulting in damage to treads and uneven pressure, faster wear and tear of tyres due to accumulation of dirt and other solid particles on the surface of tyres, and last but not the least is jamming of brake parts in contact with tyres etc. 

Tyre Maintenance Tips

 It is obvious that tyres being vital part of vehicles suspension system must be kept in a tip-top form to avoid any financial or material loss. As they say stitch in time saves nine. 

Here are some of the easy and doable steps that you should follow to take appropriate care of your vehicle tyres.

  • It would be ideal to remove the tyres from the vehicle if it is anticipated that a vehicle will not ply on road for a long duration. A vehicle in that case may be mounted on bricks and tyres taken care off separately. 
  • Check the Tyre pressure once in 48 hours and fill in the air up to prescribed pressure. If the pressure drops significantly, it may be good idea to get the Tyre checked for any puncture or valve leakage. 
  • Wash your tyres regularly with detergent and hard brush to remove dirt and other particles. 
  • Protect your Tyre from direct sunlight or heat source. Keep them covered with cloth or park your vehicle in shade. 
  • Make sure you apply grease to brake parts as per maintenance manual to prevent jamming. If the local rules allow it will always be a good idea to short drive your vehicle to ensure that your tyres are functioning properly.

Simple and doable steps like these can create a huge impact. However, in worse case scenarios professional help should be considered. If you feel like you need a tyre replacement or new pair of tyres to ensure your safety then you can get tyres in Birmingham of leading tyre brands at affordable prices at Plume Tyres.