Bring me sunshine: The importance of Vitamin D

At this time of year in the UK many people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency caused by lack of sunlight. Vitamin D is important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles; it enhances the body’s absorption of other vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and phosphate, and it also supports the immune system.

Vitamin D supplement

Normally only about 20 mins or so in the sunlight ever day is needed to get all the Vitamin D (D3 is the best kind) our bodies need, but for many the dark mornings and dark early evenings can make it really hard to just get outside and do that.

Of course, you can also get Vitamin D from a variety of foods, mushrooms, oily fish such as salmon or sardines or eggs yolks, but for many people the best way to get the recommended daily amount is from a supplement.

During the current coronavirus pandemic PHE England has recommended that all adults take a Vitamin D supplement and in recent days the Government has announced that some 2.5 million people will be able to receive a supplement free of charge.

At the moment there is no clear scientific data, but there does seem to be growing consensus that Vitamin D could be pivotal in reducing the severity of coronavirus by helping to reduce the body’s inflammatory response.

Nutritionist Olivia Hemmingway suggests: “The safest way to ensure adequate intake of Vitamin D is to take a supplement”. She recommends Natures Plus Source of Life Garden D3 5000iU. Organic and vegan it is available on Amazon priced £11.95,