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One day last month a member of the Flush the Fashion team jumped suddenly into the air from his desk, clenching his fist while shouting ‘Eureka!’. After a cup of sweet tea and a mint flavoured Club Biscuit we discovered the source of his joy. Cult Collectibles.

Cult Collectibles Black Devil Doll

Cult Collectibles make BobbleHeads of B-Movie exploitation characters. As part of our Monster Movie Month we tracked down Mark Jason Murray, the man responsible.

How did you end up making Bobbleheads?
These types of films have always been one of my greatest loves in life and there isn’t really anyone out there making cool toys or figures from these films. All of the “classic” horror characters have been made into every possible toy or merchandising configuration possible so it was time for me to step up and make this happen. I want to make the types of toys that I would buy.

Cult Collectibles Garetta Garetta What was the hardest thing about making the dolls?
My “Weird Wobbler” bobbleheads are designed to my strict specifications overseas by my manufacturer. Having to communicate by email and photos and the amount of time it takes to create one of these is a bit frustrating at times.

I am impatient and want results right away, but I also know what this process entails and plan ahead accordingly.

I am very meticulous in regards to every aspect of the creation of these and expect things to be correct down to even the smallest details, many of which people probably would never even notice, but I want them to be as faithful to the original sources as possible.

Do you have permission from the filmmakers to make the dolls?
Of course. All my figures are fully licensed and authorized. I’ve been very fortunate to attain the licenses I have so far and am lucky to be largely connected within the community of films I am making figures of.

What is your fav exploitation / B-movie?
There’s no possible way I could narrow it down to just one, or even a handful for that matter. For the most part, the films of Lucio Fulci and also Rudy Ray Moore are probably the most personally important to me, both for different reasons.

I also love the works of Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Ruggero Deodato, Seijun Suzuki, Fernando Di Leo, Jose Mojica Marins, Radley Metzger, Akira Kurosawa, Gaspar Noe, Park Chan-wook and on and on and on. These types of films are part of my DNA.

black devil doll Why did you decide to make a Geretta Geretta doll?
Geretta and her character of ‘Rosemary’ from Lamberto Bava’s masterpiece Demons was one of the figures I really wanted to do when I first began this company a year ago.

When I met her for the first time in April 2010, we hit it off great and in telling her I had started a bobblehead company, she cut me off mid-sentence stating, “I’ll do it!”.

That made it pretty easy considering I hadn’t yet asked her if she was interested in working with me. She was instrumental in getting special effects artist, Sergio Stivaletti, who did the special effects for the film, to allow us to use the iconic “demon mask” as a accessory piece to the figure.

Fans have been loving it and there’s a lot going on in 2011 with multiple Demons reunions at conventions and such so it all worked out great.

What other new characters do you have in the pipeline?
Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond is my third figure (below), which will be released in June.

I am particularly proud of this one, not just because the film is one my favorites and I am always trying to pay tribute to the works of Fulci, but it’s actually the world’s first bobblehead with an alternate detachable face! This allows you to have the character of “Jill”, in her “possessed” form or with her gunshot head from the most notorious scene from the film.

It’s absolutely awesome and with only three figures having come from Cult Collectibles, I am not sure how I will ever top it…. although I do plan to try.

Cult Collectibles Following ‘The Beyond’ is Lucio Fulci himself from his gore soaked fan favorite, Cat in the Brain. I am proud to honor Fulci again and also proud to have support for the piece by Fulci’s daughter, Antonella. I hope to make the full announcement for that in just a couple months.

Then another dream project will be the Dolomite figure. Rudy Ray Moore has long been an icon and influence in my life, having known and worked closely with him for over 15 years up until his passing.

This has always been my most desired figure to produce so I am glad that I am the one to make it happen.

I continue to champion the legacy of Moore having run his official website for well over a decade and continuing my work on his authorized biography.

This will keep me busy through the rest of the year at which point I will be looking to secure more licenses for 2012. I want to thank everyone who has been supportive so far and hopefully that support will continue to grow so I can keep putting these figures out.

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