Urbanears – The Swedish Sound

Once upon a time Headphones were like the original Ford motor cars, ie you could have any colour you wanted ‘as long as it was black’.


Swedish headphone manufacturers Urbanears have taken a radical step forward and made their headphones available in a whole range of colours. Pistachio, Canaray, Teal and Lavender, Smoke, Cerise and Mocca to name a few.

Lavender urbanearsThere are 4 models to choose from, all named after places in Sweden’s capital Stockholm, Plattan, Tanto (over the ear) and in-ear Medis and Bagis.

The set we tried were Plattans and the sound quality was really exceptional. Noise leakage was minimal, so you can turn it up on the bus, and they still felt comfy after wearing them all the way through ‘Dark Side of the Moon’.

The Microphone and Volume Control built into the lead works with iPhones and all the latest mobile devices and they fold down nicely when you are not using them.

They also have a cool connection so a (close) friend can plug their lead into your phones and share your music.

Its a bit like if Abba and IKEA had a baby.

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