Best Movie of 2011: Submarine

While most of Hollywood spent big on CGI special effects and 3D my favourite film of 2011 was a low budget British production and the directorial debut of Richard Ayoade (Moss from The UK Comedy series ‘The IT Crowd’), Submarine.

Adapted from the novel by Joe Dunthorne, and part funded by Ben Stiller, Craig Roberts plays Oliver Tate, a young lad living by the Welsh seaside, taking his first awkward steps into the mysterious world of high school romances.

Confident direction by Ayoade, and a strong cast including Paddy Considine as Oliver’s Mothers ex-Lover and Noah Taylor and Sally Hawkins as his parents, it’s warmth and wit has shades of Wes Anderson’s Rushmore while its coming of age story also reminded me of Bill Forsyth’s brilliant 1981 movie Gregory’s Girl.

submarine movie

submarine movie

Nothing can kill a movie like hype, luckily I saw Submarine before anyone told me it was good, so if you haven’t seen it, forget you ever read this and then watch it. You’ll enjoy it much more.

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