Beautifully Inedible Food – ‘À La Cart’ by Tom Lakeman

Art meets Culinary - A La carte

Artist and photographer Tom Lakeman has compiled a photographic series of imaginative recipes using all the ingredients on discarded shopping lists found in supermarkets across London in his fantastic book ‘À La Cart’.

Art/food revolutionaries, Bompas & Parr have written the foreword for the book, which is actually being crowdsourced through Kickstarter HERE. Featuring 112 pages of cool photographs, anyone who pledges to buy the book will help to generate enough orders for the first run.

And with recipes such as ‘Mice Poison Ragú’ it’s sure to be hit with Mums too busy to think of new recipe ideas this Christmas*!

Baked Bird Feeder
BAKED BIRD FEEDER - Art meets Culinary Compendium

Japanese Cotton Noodles
JAPANESE COTTON NOODLES Art meets Culinary Compendium

Maki Toilet Rolls
MAKI TOILET ROLLS - Art meets Culinary Compendium

Catfood Cupcake
CAT FOOD CUPCAKE - Art meets Culinary Compendium

9-Volt Burger
9 VOLT BURGER - Art meets Culinary Compendium

Silk Cut Salad
SILK CUT SALAD - Art meets Culinary Compendium

To help fund À La Cart’s kickstarter campaign click HERE >

*Fist mention of Christmas this year
To find out more about Tom visit