Bacardo Carta Fuego

Summer is here, well, almost. As I tap on the keyboard, lawnmowers are being primed, barbecue’s are being power-washed and the sound of flip-flops being flapped reverberates over the fence from next door and across the garden into my ears.

It’s enough to put an extra spring in your step, and what better way to enjoy those barmy Summer evenings than with a brand new drink from BACARDÍ?

Enter BACARDÍ Carta Fuego, a 40° proof, red spiced rum mix combining the original distinctive Bacardi flavour with added cinnamon, nutmeg and spicy notes.

The unique combination creates a fiery splash on the lips followed by a smooth after-taste that feels great going down. It’s the perfect drink to be served as a shot to get the party in full swing and it’s already flying off the shelves in the UK.

As you may already know, Fuego is Spanish for the word ‘fire’, and BACARDÍ have created a video to promote Carta Fuego the drink that conveys the heat, rush and exhilaration you get from a shot of Carta Fuego. The video was created using a special state-of-the-art high speed camera that can take 2,500 frames per second (try doing that on your iPhone). When it’s slowed right down the effect is breath-taking.

Just don’t try it at home in the garden, not only is there a risk of flying shrapnel, BACARDÍ Carta Fuego is much too good to waste.

Bacardo Carta Fuego

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BACARDÍ Carta Fuego is now available in major supermarkets, pubs and bars throughout the UK. Live passionately, drink responsibly, visit for the facts.

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