Are Your Tyres Winter Ready?

Cold and snowy roads can greatly affect your tyres. Like our skin, our tyres need some extra care in winters too! Following are some easy and quick tyre safety checks you can perform to ensure that your tyres are ready for winters!

Keep a constant check

Make it a habit to always check your tyres after parking your vehicle. As difficult as it is to do this in winters, but checking your tyres after every drive will help you in quickly identifying any damages, cuts or punctures. If possible, try to keep your tyres clean so that it’s easier for you to locate any damages. Whether its snow or dirt, it should not be on your tyres!

Check Tyre Pressure 

Once every few weeks, get your tyre pressure checked especially in winters. Under and over-inflated tyres can have an adverse impact on your tyres performance. Over-inflated tyres increases the tyre diameter thereby decreasing the tyre tread that is in contact with the road along with decreasing the sidewall flexibility. The decreased sidewall flexibility directly impacts vehicle stability and smooth driving. On the other hand, under-inflated tyres will make your vehicle uneconomical as it will be consuming more fuel to push the vehicle forward.

Keep a check on your wheel alignment 

Properly aligned wheels can decrease your tyres’ lifespan along with reducing your fuel consumption. Wheel alignment is a process that involves adjusting a car’s suspension. Poorly aligned wheels can result in an unbalanced vehicle, vibration in the steering wheel, uneven tyre wear and even a tyre burst. 

You need to know your tyres age!

With time, your tyres can deteriorate. The condition of your tyres greatly depends on tyre maintenance, road conditions, usage and driving style. It is important for you to know your tyres age so that you can replace them when required. To know your tyres age look out for a four digit code located on the sidewall of the tyre. This code has the date of manufacturing of your tyres. It is advisable to replace old tyres with new tyres after 10 years, but after 6 years they should be periodically checked and kept well maintained to ensure that they’re roadworthy.

Winter Tyres.

Winter tyres have been optimized for cold weather i.e. below 7°. They have a greater proportion of natural rubber that helps them in increasing their grip on road. Also, as the temperature falls down, summer tyres become hard whereas winter tyres have been formulated in such a way that they remain flexible ensuring driver’s safety. Their extra deep treads also keep the vehicle stable and well balanced.

Here’s how you can start your tyres winter care from today, if you’re looking for a Tyre Shop in Headley, park your car at Headley Tyres.  Get your winter tyres, car tyres and other tyre related services in the area with no appointments required!

Now you know your winter essentials! So start from today and make your tyres winter ready.

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