Adventure Connections

A night filled with cocktails, games and laughter is never going to be a bad idea in my books, so when invited to join a cocktail making masterclass hosted by Adventure Connections, I jumped at the opportunity.

Adventure Connections are an experienced events management team, with their main ambition being to have a fun and stress-free time. Hosting anything from Hen and Stag do’s to corporate parties to team building activities, all striving to make your life that much easier when organising any sort of event.

Last Thursday, I arrived at Revolution Bar located in American Square, just a walk away from Tower Hill tube station and the busy streets of the city. Arriving a little early, I decided to explore the bar area first. I’d heard mixed reviews about different Revolution’s so I was intrigued to see what was in store for the night ahead. Upon arriving, I was pleasantly surprised with how lively and busy it was for an early Thursday evening, filled with an array of groups and individuals all sipping away on their cocktail of choice.

Following the bustling atmosphere through to designated event area, I was greeted by some of the Adventure Connections team, who were all warm welcoming, making us all feel excited and ready for the fun-filled evening ahead. Welcomed with an array of bubblegum daiquiri’s to choose from, the night was already in full-swing.

Our two bartenders for the evening explained the evenings events for the night ahead: a mixture of making, drinking and cocktail relay games. The bartenders first began by making a Revolution special, the “Blank Canvas”. A blend of Ketel One vodka, sugar, lemon juice, soda water and a choice of Revolution’s handcrafted flavours: Bubblegum, Pear Drop and Sour Berries. Watching the flavours trickle down through the ice, whilst sipping away was something else, with the Pear Drop being a personal favourite due to its sharp fruity tang.

The next concoction was Revolution’s own take on a traditional mojito. Watching the guys passionately, yet so effortlessly creating the exact balance of white rum, sweetness from the sugar and sharpness from the lime, was really intriguing at how easily they could remember the exact amounts on the top of their heads. As always, the mojito didn’t disappoint!

Last up was another classic, the ‘Cosmopolitan’! Another personal favourite of mine, with its bend of citrus and tangy flavours. Again the delicate binding and mixture of the ingredients, helped create an overall mouthwatering result.
Some snacks of avocado toast bites, vegetable crisps, olives and pretzels were brought out, helping soak up the alcohol, whilst we were spilt into teams to start the cocktail making games.

Up first was myself and teammate, against two other members from the group. It involved one person in each team being blindfolded whilst making the Raspberry Woo Woo (Another favourite of mine!) whilst the other guided their hands, without touching the ingredients. Whichever team made it first won! I was the one guiding my team member, which was a lot harder than expected! However, we won, winning an ice cream vodka shot whilst the losing team had to stomach a deadly chilli vodka shot!

The next round of games was between two groups of four. Each member had to take it in turns to make a long-island ice tea, and the next in line had to finish it as quickly as possible before making theirs and so on. As the game commenced, the atmosphere grew louder and louder, egging each other on, trying to make and drink as quickly as possible! I again was on the winning team so enjoyed another ice cream vodka shot, whilst the losing team had to endure another chilli vodka shot!

We then built a Domino’s chain of ‘roulette’ shots – all filled with different flavours, topped off with Red Bull! I managed to pick out some of the nicer fruity flavours, whilst others endured more chilli shots!

Later, food was brought out. A range of pizzas, garlic fries, fish and meat dishes which was a very pleasant surprise and very much needed after all of the alcohol each of us had consumed! And at the end of the night we were gifted with some Prosecco jellies from the lovely people at Adventure Connections!

The whole evening was extremely enjoyable and entertaining to say the least! Adventure Connections sure know how to throw an entertaining night!

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