A Guide to Finding and Purchasing Your First Designer Handbag

When it comes to completing an outfit, you must have accessories at your disposal. One of these being a handbag. For those who have saved up or can afford to splash out, you may not want any old handbag at the store. Instead, splurging on a designer piece can really complement your overall look, put a spring in your step, and help you live your best fashionista life.

 Whether you’re a lover of a crossbody bag or a leather messenger bag you’ll know only too well how many there are to choose from! Buying a designer handbag should be seen as an investment. After all, you’ll be shelling out a dime or two to get one. To ensure you make the right choice and have a luxury handbag that stands the test of time, here are some tips to get you started on your search.

Establish Your Budget

Before the search begins for your first designer handbag, there’s one thing you need to get straight first – how much you’re willing to pay out for one. Designer handbags come in all shapes, sizes, and of course, price tags. If you’ve been saving up for your first piece, you need to be careful with how much money you’re happy to part with. The best place to begin is by drawing up a budget. This will ensure you have the funds for your luxury handbag and will minimize the risk of overspending. Sure, you may be left with your dream bag, but if you’ve gone over budget and found yourself in debt, this is never a good look!

Pick a Brand

After working out your finances and setting a budget, it’s time to look into designer brands. There are so many to choose from. While many people are drawn to the likes of Alexander McQueen, Chanel, or Dior, others prefer Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, or Prada. For Gucci lovers, you can check out their bags and the best women’s options on the SSENSE website. They sell a variety of designer pieces, including clothing and accessories from Gucci and an array of other high-end brands. 

Select the Right Color

When you invest in a designer handbag, we appreciate you will be itching to show it off. However, you want passersby to be impressed with your piece and not find it an eyesore! The color of your designer bag means everything in this instance. While you may love the idea of purchasing a fiery red handbag, if it doesn’t go well with most of your outfits, your bag will end up sticking out like a sore thumb. Therefore, it’s always best to go with neutral colors instead. These include white, gray, and beige. Any of the three flow well with any look. This means you’re sure to get more usage out of your bag and not end up shunning it away in your closet.

Define the Purpose

If you’re spending a fortune on a designer handbag, you’re going to want to have it on your shoulder as much as possible. Before you invest in a piece, have a think about what purpose it’s going to serve in your life. For example, if you’re in an office role and always on the go, you’ll want a bag that’s practical, a decent size, and goes well with your professional attire. For those who enjoy going on date nights to luxury restaurants, you’ll want a handbag that’s small and compact, but can fit the essentials in. Establishing the purpose of your designer bag and what types of occasions you’ll bring it to can help whittle down the list.

Think About Maintenance

Your designer handbag needs to be given lots of TLC the moment you buy it. Should you neglect your handbag, you can’t expect it to stay in tip-top condition. A bit of cleaning here and there can do wonders for your piece and keep it looking sparkling new. Therefore, paying attention to the material of your handbag is a must. Many people opt for leather as their number one choice. This is because leather is simple to take care of. Whatever you decide on, you don’t want a handbag that shows signs of wear and tear immediately!

Buying and owning a high-end designer bag is a dream for many. For those who can make it a reality, it’s wise to take your time when hunting for one. Whether you’re a Gucci fan or Dior is where your heart lies, you’ll want to make sure any designer piece you purchase and invest in is right for your needs. Should you not take our suggestions on board, you could end up with a designer bag that quickly collects dust in your closet!

From setting a price for your bag to choosing the right color and material, our guide can help narrow down the list and help you end up with a piece that is perfect for any occasion.