5 Reasons You Need a Stand Mixer If You Love to Cook

A stand mixer is a baker’s best friend. It offers an extra set of hands to mix your dough and get your dish ready in a far shorter period. In addition, leading brands such as Kenwood can do more than mix dough.

They can mix, knead, and whisk. Other models also warm, weigh and cook your food. Is the food mixer really worth the investment? Yes, it is! Here are five reasons you need to have one in your kitchen.

1) It’s Powerful
Stand mixers, such as the food mixer by Kenwood, generally run on a 350-watt motor. This is strong enough to beat any tough ingredients to a pulp. There are speed levels to apply the power required for each food and depending on the result you want. Besides, it comes with a tilting head function that gives control when mixing to ensure you get the consistency you require at all sides of the bowl.

2) It’s Versatile
If you cook often or for many people, a stand mixer provides you with extra sets of hands while you are busy on another side of the kitchen. In addition, it comes with various attachments, such as a wire whisk, a flat paddle, and a dough hook. There are several other attachments that you can purchase, such as pasta rollers, ice cream makers, spiralizers, and food processors, among others.

3) It Reduces Prep Time
The stand mixer can be a real timesaver when you have a lot to do in a short period. It prepares your food fast and efficiently, saving you both the time and energy that you would have spent doing the work. For example, on average, it would take most people up to half an hour to knead dough for a medium family. However, the mixer takes just a few minutes to get the job done.

4) It is Hands-free
Unlike most portable kitchen appliances, the stand mixer is hands-free. You just need to supply the ingredients and set the correct speed and head angle for it to do the rest. It does not tie you up while doing the work it does.

5) Timeless design
The stand mixer comes in a vast number of colours that match your kitchen décor. Given that it is pretty large, you will have to keep it in a designated location where you will admire its beauty every day. You can also customise the gorgeous kitchen counter item with vinyl decals or stickers of your choice. If you always leave your kitchen in a mess whenever you prepare your meals, the stand mixer is the right companion for you. It contains the mess and gives you an easier time cleaning up after the cooking, as you will only have to clean the bowl and attachment.

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