4 Style Tips For The Working Woman

Today, we are delving into a topic that is crucial for businesswomen. The question of “what to dress to work” is one that many business women struggle with. How we respond to this will affect how other people perceive us at work. It is our responsibility to project a credible, authoritative, and professional image. No matter how we feel about it, appearances do matter.

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Since they are the first thing people see about us, let’s make sure our look conveys the proper message. It is obvious that traits like professionalism, competence, and work ethic are quite important. People do, in fact, glean information about who we are and what we hope to achieve at work from the way we present ourselves.

Consider your appearance as a component of your own brand. Now, let’s go into how to dress for success

1. Be true to who you are

Wear colours if you prefer them. Wear heels if you prefer them. Keep the rest of your makeup simple if you like to wear a strong lip colour. Just make sure to mix and match bold pieces with more traditional, neutral pieces. Always use moderation. Being authentic is a commendable leadership trait. So put it into practise in all aspects, including your attire.

2. Make sure you spend your money on dependable items

You probably spend your money well considering that you are a businesswoman. There are several strategies to save money, but one of them does not include your professional attire. Although the price may appear high at first, you’ll actually get a lot for your money. The cost per wear will be minimal if the item is of great quality because you can wear it repeatedly over a long period of time.

Put quality before quantity. When you shop, pay close attention to the fabrics and workmanship of the clothing you buy. After purchasing high-quality things, take good care of them. Say no to wire hangers, get them fitted, have them cleaned professionally as needed, hang them on velvet hangers, and take your shoes to a cobbler for polishing or resoles. Your clothes and shoes will last longer if you give them some simple maintenance!

3. Don’t overdo your makeup

Moderation is essential for most of these suggestions (and for most things in life!). Feel free to try a bold lip if you like it. But maintain a really natural tone throughout. Be careful not to overdo the drama with your appearance by using too much bronzer, smokey eyeshadow, or artificial eyelashes. Enhance your natural appearance with cosmetics.

If you can, keep a mirror at your workstation at all times to double-check your appearance before entering meetings. Make sure there is no food in your teeth, lipstick on your teeth, or any other makeup smudges. Likewise, try to always have a toothbrush and toothpaste on hand. 

4. Familiarize yourself with the environment

Different levels of dress are required for different professions. Is formal wear required at your place of business? Is business casual acceptable instead? Be aware of the restrictions your workplace environment imposes. But we still advise you to wear the most expensive clothing in that range. For instance, jeans, or denim overalls for an ultra casual workplace, may be acceptable at work on Friday. Should you, however, wear jeans? Possibly not. Keep an eye on the managers in your office. How do they behave? Do not dress for your current job; rather, dress for the job you want. If you’re a Bondline employee and have to dress appropriately to handle and engineer electronic devices, you will have a different thought process to choosing your outfit compared to an everyday office worker, for example.

In conclusion, dress impeccably! Your physical appearance conveys how professional you are. So let’s make decisions with intention.

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