Should you Hire a Mobile Mechanic?

We’ve all been through the stress and rigamarole of our car breaking down and being forced to drive (or two) the clunker into the mechanic. Depending on the issue, you might have found yourself sitting in a waiting room for hours, or being told to come back in a few days when the mechanic has had time to work on your car. Often, you’ve probably found yourself paying a lot more than you were originally quoted when repairs became more complicated or costly in the process. 

While things like tire changes, battery purchases and other routine maintenance and repairs can be done by anyone, who has time to handle all those things when you’re busy with work or the kids? But you don’t want to take the time to go into a shop to have them done, either. For those situations, a mobile mechanic might be the perfect solution. 

Photo Credit: George Sultan

Nobody enjoys having to take their car to the mechanic. It’s time-consuming, stressful and expensive. That’s why many people have switched to mobile mechanics for their vehicle needs, maintenance and repairs. 

What is a mobile mechanic? It’s exactly like it sounds – a mechanic or team of mechanics who come to you, as opposed to the other way around. If you need routine maintenance on your car, or just need to diagnose a problem and get a quote, you give the mobile mechanic a call, make an appointment, and they come right to your door to check out your vehicle and provide you with assistance and repairs. No matter your area or location, there is a Mobile Mechanic out there who can help you. 

Mobile mechanics are a great option for those who have accessibility/mobility issues and can’t easily travel, the disabled, or those who are stuck at home due to social distancing. They’re also a great option for the busy working person who just doesn’t have time to get to the mechanic. No matter your reason, hiring a mobile mechanic is a convenient and easy way to get your vehicle taken care of. Some of the services they provide include battery and tire changes, oil changes, tests and diagnostics, installations, repairs, car detailing, read-outs, and so much more. Many mobile mechanics also can provide you with inspections for your roadworthy certificate and assist with insurance inspections, too. Just ask!

Beware mobile mechanics that charge you an “appearance fee” or “call out rate” just for showing up at your home. Most reputable mobile mechanics offer you a fixed rate quote that won’t change once they begin working, and the good ones don’t charge you a rate just to show up and lay eyes on your car. Good mobile mechanics often offer same-day service, competitive quotes, and guarantee their work. Don’t be afraid to call a few different companies to compare their quotes and fees; you shouldn’t have to overpay for a great mechanic, and you deserve one that guarantees his or her work every step of the way. 

If you need car repairs or maintenance but just don’t have the time to visit a local mechanic, try a mobile mechanic today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the great experience and affordable, high-quality service you get.