Car Review: Toyota Aygo X

For a small car the Toyota Aygo X makes something of a bold statement on the road. With its sleek and dynamic exterior styling the cars body is such a true work of art I have never known so many birds demonstrate their approval with their own physical creative statements on it!

Luckily for me, a cold Feb in Norfolk isn’t the best time to open the roof up, but I can imagine it provides a very cool Summer-cruising advantage when the sun does shine and while there is a bit more road noise, the benefits are plentiful (safe for the birds).

Car about town

Under the hood, the Aygo X has a 3-cylinder 1.0L dual VVT-i engine, which produces 71 horsepower and 53 kW of power. The 5-speed manual transmission makes for a smooth drive, although the acceleration stats might be a touch underwhelming for some and 0-62 mph is a sedate 15.6 seconds. The light-ish steering, while responsive, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, with a top speed of 98 mph, this compact car can still get you from A to B AND hold its own in around town, and not surprisingly that’s where its strengths really lie.

Specced out to the max the Aygo X has a long list of features, both inside and out. The smart 8-inch multimedia screen, Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility, and automatic air conditioning are just a few of the many convenient features that make life easier for you and your team. Outside there are 18-inch machine face alloy wheels, a reversing camera and front and rear parking sensors with auto brake are great additions to the parking pack, which will set you back an extra £295. The power adjustable heated door mirrors, front fog lights, and gloss black upper front grille provide a real touch of premium styling.

The Aygo X’s compact design does mean that the interior and boot space is a bit tight, but it’s a small price to pay for such a stylish car. With a fuel consumption rating of 55.97-58.85 mpg, and CO2 emissions of 110 g/km, it’s a relatively eco-friendly option. It’s worth noting that although there are plenty of technological features, the Aygo X is still a petrol-driven car and you will need to put the key in the ignition, put the handbrake on, and switch the lights on at night – all that old-stool stuff.

Overall, the Toyota Aygo X is a car that you can’t help but like. With a total price of £17,085, and the canvas roof as an optional extra for £895, it’s an affordable and stylish option for city dwellers. Whether you’re zipping around town or cruising down the open road, the Aygo X is sure to turn heads AND if you’re a real dedicated follower of fashion take a look at the brand new Aygo X Undercover…

Aygo X Undercover

Limited to just 5,000 models, the car will be released featuring a bi-tone grey body colour, coral red accents (see pics), and black 18-inch alloy wheels. But that’s not all, the interior also boasts branded seats, monogram-patterned floor-mats, and a roof decal that’s true to Undercover’s rebellious spirit (very cool).

Jun Takahashi, ‘Undercover’s’ Head Designer, commented that working with Toyota was emotionally significant for him. He fused two contradicting worlds to create something truly exciting, and the result is a design that’s still very much Undercover, but also works in harmony with the city.

The original Aygo is 18years old this year and while it’s not much more a crossover styling these days it’s always been Toyota’s most accessible car, attracting style-conscious buyers with its youthful and fun character.

With the Aygo X Undercover, things have gone to the next level. Tadao Mori, Toyota Motor Europe’s Head of Styling Design, said that Jun introduced them to completely new ways of looking at colour and ideas to make the car more interesting and unexpected.

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