5 Reasons You Need a New Mini in Your Life

There is no denying that the Mini is one of the most iconic car marques of the 21st century. Today’s Minis get designed and developed by its parent company, BMW. However, it has gracefully upgraded the classic 1960s Mini look and feel for today’s motorists.

Purists might say that the BMW-built Mini is nothing like the original designed by Sir Alec Issigonis for BMC (the British Motor Corporation). The thing is, BMW has done a great job of modernising the design while still giving the nod to the original Mini styling cues.

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If you’re in the market for a new car and it needs to be small enough to drive in packed city streets yet comfortable enough for long journeys, the Mini could be the car for you. Take a look at these reasons why the Mini is a marque you should seriously consider:

1. There Are Plenty of Design Styles

Everyone knows about the original design of the Mini classic. These days, the BMW-designed Minis come in various design styles to suit your needs and lifestyle. For example, there’s the hatchback for everyday use and the convertible for soaking up the sun.

There’s also the Clubman, an estate version of the Mini hatch with twin “barn doors” at the back for ease of loading and unloading. You could even consider the Countryman, a compact crossover SUV.

2. They Are Affordable

Some people wrongly assume that the Mini is an expensive small car to buy. However, that’s not the case. Plus, if you wanted to drive a brand new Mini, car leasing personal contract hire options are abundant for motorists that don’t want to buy their vehicles outright.

You could also quite comfortably buy a used Mini if you did prefer to own it rather than lease, with examples to suit all budgets.

3. You Can Customise Your New Mini With Ease

Most car manufacturers offer new vehicles with options like different pain colours, trim specs, and optional extras. With the Mini, you have a vast range of customisation options, such as Union Jack decals, different coloured roofs, and much more.

The Mini is very much a car for people with individual styles and tastes, and BMW has thoughtfully enabled customers to customise all manner of items to personalise their new vehicles.

4. Practicality as Standard

The Mini might appear as a small car to some people, but it offers plenty of practicality as standard. Today’s models are also available in five-door formats, making it easy for rear passengers to get in and out of the car.

Even the standard three-door Mini hatch is very practical, and all iterations are ideal for solo motorists, couples, and growing families.