Travel: Surviving a weekend in Vegas

Vegas might be known as sin city, but it’s still one of the greatest and most exciting vacations you will ever go on.

All you need is a few tips on how to survive a city that is known for causing its visitors to splash their well-earned cash, whether it’s how to get the VIP treatment in a club or even how to cure an infamous Vegas hangover, we’ve got the best tips to ensure you survive your vacation.

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It’s all very well getting glammed up for a night on the tiles but if you spend half the night stuck in a queue for a nightclub, it can be a vast disappointment. Instead, plan ahead with the clubs you want to visit and either arrange to arrive at the club early or look into a guest list. You can also use an app like The Tableist, which allows you to book tables and VIP experiences in various clubs across the US, including Las Vegas. Then you can simply turn up and walk straight through the door.


You’ve no doubt seen the movie, which shows a Las Vegas hangover can be the worst in the world. But don’t let the fear put you off having a great night! You’ve just got to be smart. Try to drink at least a few glasses of water before you go to bed – hangovers are mainly dehydration and this will help prevent your hangover from being too bad. You should also always have a hearty breakfast the next morning, even if you feel nauseated. Something like oysters from Harrahs, which are full of zinc and other electrolytes are a perfect hangover cure, but anything like a burger will help too.


If food isn’t going to cure, Vegas actually has its own Hangover Cure Bus where you can receive a 45 minute IV drip that promises you’ll feel brand new afterwards. You could even spend a day at one of the many relaxing spas Vegas has to offer.


You can’t visit Vegas, without spending a few nights in one of its many infamous casinos. But with so much choice, which do you put on your list? Well the Bellagio and Caesars Palace are two of the biggest wow-factors and the Wynn and the Encore at Wynn are glamourous with some of the chicest people in the city. If you have time, the Paris and the Cosmopolitan are also worth a visit.

All the casinos will have their own restaurants, shops and bars, so if you don’t want to play any of the games, there’s still plenty to see and do.


Many people underestimate the impact of the weather when they come to Vegas. Remember, this is a desert city and temperatures can soar to over 40 ° C during the summer. The city’s scorching weather can easily burn skin and cause sun stroke in an unsuspecting tourist. Make sure you are always armed with strong sunscreen and water whenever you decide to go outside. Sun stroke can be incredibly serious and you may find if you don’t take enough precautions, you will be spending your vacation stuck in your hotel room.

Spending Money

Las Vegas might be known for its ridiculously cheap steak and lobster buffets, but that doesn’t mean everything in Vegas is cheap. In fact, due to the destination’s extreme popularity, you will find that places like local convenience stores will hike up their prices for essentials like water and snacks. However, you can easily avoid these prices by bringing your own non-perishable snacks (like nuts and meat jerky) and a refillable water bottle with you.


Vegas bars are also notoriously expensive, in fact, you might find your budget is blown on just one round with your friends.

Some casinos will allow you to drink for free if you’re playing at one of their tables, but keep in mind that alcohol might impair your game skills.

What you can do is revolve your nights out around happy hours, this list will guide you to all the best deals in town and save you some serious cash.