Pack your Bags to Dammam for an Amazing Experience

When visiting the UAE and Middle East, it is time to move over the hottest picks of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dammam is a city in the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia and is gradually gaining ranks up the popularity charts of Middle Eastern travel. It is the third largest Saudi Arabian city and also the central hub for transport for the cluster Dammam-Khobar-Dhahran. Make sure you book in advance with Saudi Arabian airlines, they have a great reputation for service and fly direct from many major cities.

Know Dammam Up Close

Book in advance with the Saudi Arabian airlines and fly direct into the King Fahd International Airport at Dammam. The city’s center area is about 50 kilometers away from the airport. The airport itself charms you since it is located in a desert that is dotted with camels, tents and dunes all around. Dammam airport itself looks like a postcard locale fit for travel from distant parts of the world. When in the city, trust Uber services or rent a car to drive. The shuttle and cab services, otherwise, are below average.

Top Hubs at Dammam

  • The Corniche Strip– The must-see spot in Dammam to visit at first is the Corniche area. It is a strip of green that faces the gulf. Make sure you plan a trip here when the weather is good. The green cozy stretch makes for a perfect picnic spot. The stretch runs for about four kilometers.
  • Al-Morjan – Visit the Al Morjan (artificial) island when in Dammam. The monument at its center is a top pick for taking selfies and photos. This spot is considered as an extension of Corniche. Depending on the weather, taking a walk here around lazy afternoons can be pleasant.
  • The Flagpole – Plan a trip to Flagpole, the tallest across Saudi Arabia. The height goes up to 60 meters. However, the flag might not ALWAYS be on the pole for sure.
  • Experience Bedouin Life – Book a Bedouin tent experience for yourself in Dammam. Dress, ride, eat and live in authentic Bedouin form at Riyadh Park. The pickup happens from Dammam though. Make sure you check out the inclusions while booking such an experience here.
  • Dolphin Park – Check out some amazing performance by sea lions and dolphins in Dolphin Village Park when in Dammam. The amusement park is a perfect place to visit with your kids too. The place also comes with slides as well as a clean swimming pool. Do check out the timings on a daily basis and make advance bookings. 
  • Dhahran -Travel to Dhahran, a stone’s throw away from Dammam, to the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture popular as Ithra.  Find everything from cinema to theatre and even museums and cafeterias. 
  • Splash Island – If you want to indulge in fun at an overview waterpark, then Splash Island is the place to be in. From Snow City to extreme rides, you find a wide variety at the water park. This hub also offers breathtaking views of the city!
  • King Fahd Park – Have a unique experience at King Fahd Life Park when visiting Dammam. The park is a project under the local municipal authority that caters to kids to adults. From rides to walking tracks to even cafeterias, there is a whole lot to contend with at the park. This is supposedly the largest park in Saudi Arabia.

Eat – Make sure you eat at the People’s Village Restaurant that is also a museum. Order authentic Saudi food and soak deep in the local culture.  –

Shop – For upscale shopping and entertainment, you can spend a day exploring Dammam’s malls—Marina and AlShate’a. There are international restaurants as well, for the taste trotters! Shopping around the souks are a popular pastime in Dammam as it is in the rest of Saudi Arabia. Gold jewelry is a common buy in this area. Souks are best handled by expertly bargaining for the best deals on their wares.

Between these tips on sightseeing and leisure, it will be important to state that Dammam as a city comes with an inherently strict culture. It is best to keep to your own and be wary of any conflict. There is a lot of taboo issues. It is also significant to know that liquor is prohibited in Dammam. Avoid parking on areas close to local homes. Make sure you drive safe since auto accidents involving Westerners are dealt with harshly.