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When You Prefer to Stay Among Friends

Central Park

The phrase Home Away from Home is a common one used to describe a comfortable place to stay when you travel. To be honest, at home, I’ve got a bit of a mess. There’s always laundry to do, and the hardwoods need constant sweeping. I recently stayed at Robert and Eva Wessel’s Central Park Bed & Breakfast in Old Louisville, Kentucky. While photographing the Forecastle Music Festival in tremendous heat, I needed a place to grab a meal and rest. I got just that, and more!

There were a variety of events in town including a craft show, an art fair, the aforementioned music festival, and the Jane Austen Festival, all at most a 17 minute drive, with the art fair in the park across the street.

Much of the neighborhood has been renovated, but it is not a pricey area, so your stay is affordable, with some nice luxuries including a snack and bourbon bar available for all guests, and a well-shaded garden in the back to sit and reflect while your counterpart finishes blow drying their hair in your room’s private bathroom.

Complimentary snack bar

The Garden Water Feature

The Garden

The decor is eclectic and ever changing as Robert continuously adds the “finishing touches”. You could spend a just going room to room with Robert as your tour exploring the rich history of the structure and even the surrounding neighborhood. One stairwell had been painted with scenes of the neighborhood.

Painted Stairwell

Piano Room

Sitting Room

I stayed in the fireplace and canopy bed equipped, Peacock room and it was absolutely the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. This room is designer for two, but they do accommodate children in their Carriage House. There was an extended family in town for a family reunion, and they accepted me into the morning conversation like I had been on holiday with them since the beginning.

The Peacock Room

3rd floor room

If you’ve ever heard of Central Park Bed & Breakfast in Louisville before, you’ve probably heard about Eva’s cooking. I can tell you, it’s all true! Imaginative and delicious, well-thought out meals prepared in the kitchen. In many cases, preparation had already started the night before. During my visit, the superstars were the poached pear and french toast soufflé.They did offer me more, but I declined. For my appetite, it was just enough to get my day started without feeling groggy or weighed down.

Private dining area

French Toast Soufflé

Dining Room

Staying at the Central Park Bed & Breakfast wasn’t like staying at a remote home, it was like being a guest at your best friend’s house. The friend who could always read you, and knew when you needed alone time or wanted to chat it up about whatever was going on around town. Excitedly they’ve been expecting you and wanted ever detail to be perfect. After your first stay, you’ll look forward to coming back to catch up on the changes Robert has made and the delights that Eva is preparing in the kitchen.

For more info visit Central Park Bed &Breakfast Online
1353 South Fourth Street
Louisville, KY 40208

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