Travel Essentials For A Trip To Spain

Spain is a beautiful country and one often visited by tourists from all over the world. If you intend to visit Marbella, Madrid, or any other city or town in Spain in the near future, then it’s likely that you’ve started to think of the things that you will need to pack. Here is a quick list of essentials to get you started:

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Travel Adaptor

Outlets in Spain run on a voltage of 230V and a frequency of 50Hz, and also have type F prongs. If you don’t already have travel adaptors that fit this specification, you will need to purchase some. Otherwise, you won’t be able to plug in any of your electricals. If you’re a frequent traveler or intend to visit more than one other country in the next few years, you may want to consider investing in an international travel adaptor. These work in almost every country, so you won’t have to keep buying new adaptors every time you go on holiday.

Portable Charger

You are also going to want to buy a portable power-bank to charge your devices when you’re out and about. It’s unlikely that you will be spending too much time in your accommodation while you’re away, opting to visit the beach or see the sights instead, meaning that you could risk your phone dying. This is never good, especially in a foreign country where you are probably using your phone as a map, so carry a power-bank to avoid this.

Fanny Pack

Okay, okay, I know that wearing a fanny pack isn’t usually very stylish, but it is practical. You are going to want to carry your passport with you at all times, as well as some cash and your bank card, and a fanny pack is perfect for this. It avoids you having to carry around a massive bag all day but keeps your belongings close to you to avoid them being stolen and leaving you stranded in another country.

Cool Clothes

In case you didn’t know this already; Spain is hot. In fact, the temperature regularly exceeds 35 °C (95 °F) in the summer, so you need to bring along plenty of cool clothes. This means a lot of T-shirts, vest tops, shorts, and sundresses. You might also want to pack a shawl or scarf. This is great for covering up a little, if you intend to visit any historical churches or monuments on your travels, and can also give the back of your neck some protection from the sun.


Speaking of protection from the sun, sunscreen is essential, unless you intend to burn to a crisp. As well as this, there is a range of other benefits from wearing sunscreen, including protection from skin cancer. This means that, if you don’t want to pack sunscreen in your case, it should be the first thing you buy when you land.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance protects you against a lot of things that can go wrong during your holiday, including illness or injury, loss of your luggage, or cancellation or interruption of your trip. A lot of people opt against purchasing travel insurance, as they don’t think anything could go wrong, but this is a mistake. When traveling to a foreign country, there is always the possibility of things going wrong, and the cost of travel insurance is a lot less than what you would have to pay out if anything went wrong on your trip.

Waterproof Phone Case

If you’re traveling to Spain, it’s likely that you’re going to be spending quite a bit of time on the beach. If you intend to take your phone with you, which most of us would, you putting it at risk, and not just from the sea. The sand can also cause damage to your phone, so it makes sense to keep it protected by using a waterproof phone case. This way, you will also be able to take pictures in the sea, without the risk of water damage, and you could even take some cool underwater shots to make your Facebook friends jealous.

Spain is a beautiful country full of lots of things to do. There are beaches to lounge about on, some amazing churches and religious sites to visit, and we haven’t even spoken about the huge range of shops to explore. The only possible way you couldn’t enjoy yourself is if you forgot to purchase or pack anything essential, so be sure that you’ve got everything that’s on this list.

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