21 travel tips for a stress-free holiday

Holidays are the one thing we all look forward to, but if you’re not careful they can quickly turn stressful. If you don’t want your next holiday to spiral out of control in the stress stakes, make sure you check out our 21 travel ideas for a stress-free holiday – and these tips on how to pack like a pro are the perfect place to start!

1. Get organised – print out hotel details, insurance documents, and keep all of this important information in a handy wallet.

2. Know your luggage – avoid hunting for those important documents by always using the same compartment in your bag for your passports and money.

3. Make your luggage easily identifiable – ditch the boring grey bag and go bright. You’ll easily spot your bags as they come round the carousel – here are some of the best.

4. Share the responsibilities – don’t take on everything yourself. If you have a partner, ensure they do their fair share of organising and packing!

5. Bring a sleeping mask and earplugs – they’re great for the plane and they’re a lifesaver if you’ve got noisy neighbours in the hotel.

6. Make comfort a priority – tight clothing won’t make you feel relaxed. Go for comfort over style when you’re travelling and embrace the relaxed vibes.

7. If you speak English and are visiting Canada or the USA it’s not a big problem, but if you are worried about speaking the language plan ahead and learn some basics beforehand or download an app to help you while you’re there.

8. Enjoy some alone time – do some yoga, go for a walk, have a bath. If you’re finding your holiday too much, take some time out for you.

9. Ditch the itinerary – don’t feel pressured to do everything, just take things slowly and at your own pace.

10. Make the kids an activity pack – add felt-tip pens, colouring books, stickers, and a new toy to keep them occupied on their travels.

11. Research your destination – spend a little time before your holiday finding out what there is to do and you’ll be able to get out and about immediately.

12. Holiday with friends – you’ll have ready-made people to hang out with and babysitters so you can share the load if you’ve got kids.

13. Budget – if money is a worry, make sure you plan a realistic budget before you go so you know how much you can spend. Here’s some more budgeting help if you need it.

14. Download your kids’ favourite TV programmes – perfect for keeping them calm and quiet on the plane and in the hotel.

15. Consider the all-inclusive option – this way you don’t need to worry about overspending on food and treats like ice creams and alcoholic drinks.

16. If you want to stay in a quiet area in the hotel, make sure you ask for this when booking.

17. Pack light – you can always wash your clothes while you’re away if you need to – no one enjoys lugging a huge suitcase around. On the other hand, small suitcases are the ideal travel companions, offering convenience and ease of mobility. Their compact size allows for easy manoeuvrability, whether you’re navigating busy airports or exploring cobblestone streets in charming medieval towns. Lightweight suitcases such as Eminent small suitcase with wheels are designed to maximize storage space, ensuring you can fit all your essentials without sacrificing functionality. 

18. Bring snacks – hunger can make stress feel worse, so keep snacks on hand for both you and your children.

19. Take a small first-aid kit – plasters, a bandage, antihistamine tablets and skin-soothing creams in case you need them.

20. Sign out – don’t be tempted to check your work emails, and forget about social media channels – this is your time to switch off.

21. Treat yourself – whether it’s a taxi to the airport, a drink at the bar, booking the kids into a holiday club – remember holidays are about treating yourself, so take the easy option at least once.

Holidays are a time to relax, switch off from the daily grind, and experience something new. With a little careful planning and consideration, it’s easy to ensure your holiday is a stress-free experience. It may feel a little boring but the key to avoiding stressful situations is to be organised.

Don’t leave everything to the last minute, give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, and make sure you know what travel arrangements you need to make once you land in your destination. When you take time to think things through properly, any stressful situations should hopefully be avoided. Happy holidays!

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