StreamPort Universal – Bayan Audio

Ever wanted to listen to the music on your phone/tablet around the house, but still wanted the device on the desk or in your pocket? Speaker cables everywhere not an option?
Well, Bayan Audio might have just answered your prayers.

Bayan Audio

The StreamPort Universal serves as a go-between so that your Hi-Fi or speakers can have a new lease of life, a little white or black box which creates a NFC or Bluetooth connection to all your devices, keeping the device portable and saving you the expense of a new dock.

Any set of speakers with either phono or jack outputs can be used and the fact that the device supports Bluetooth 4.0 means that it won’t be obsolete anytime soon. It looks cool too, Bayan Audio really have done a great job here. It’s sturdy, well-built and has a certain heaviness to it that feels like it’s going to last.

Bayan Audio tell us that the streaming sound quality is “almost CD” but just to put that in context… if you’re listening from a phone or tablet, chances are you’re using MP3 files or something similar, so the files you’re listening to are going to be what lets you down long before the bluetooth streaming.

If you had a HUGE amount of memory on said device, you could I suppose rip the CDs as .wav files and then see how close to CD quality the streaming is, but are your ears REALLY sensitive enough to notice? I’ve spent time studying music, I’ve got a degree in the subject, and I struggle to tell good quality MP3 apart from CD quality, so you’re really not likely to notice the tiny drop in quality unless you really are a true connoisseur of the sound waves.

The packaging is rather nice too. Everything you’ll need to get up and running in seconds is included in the box (unless you want longer leads, but that kinda avoids the point of the whole thing). A top piece of kit, and for £60, you can put whatever else you would have spent on a new dock towards something else. It’s also compatible with pretty much ALL bluetooth devices, so when you have friends over, they just need to pair up and then they’re off too!

The StreamPort Universal gets a big thumbs-up from me and definitely worth a look if you were thinking of swapping in your Hi-Fi or speakers in for a dock. The Universal might just save you a few quid too.

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