Annie Dressner- East Twenties EP

Annie Dressner is a New York born singer/songwriter but moved to the UK last year (I can’t imagine it was for our weather). Since then she has released her debut ‘Strangers who Know Each Other’s Names’ and played many live shows both here and on the other side of the Atlantic.

Surgeon Simulator 2013

If you’ve been glued to the internet around the start of the year (And, let’s face it, a lot of us are like that), then you will have seen a few videos on YouTube, and on Global Game Jam displaying an indie game about the trials and tribulations of a one armed surgeon, and his battle with a runaway heart; Surgeon Simulator 2013

Review: Dead Island Riptide

If the question is ‘what’s more fun that bashing a zombie’s head in?’, it’s true that the correct answer is ‘bashing zombies’ heads in with friends’.

Interview with Marten Hagstrom from Meshuggah

With their upcoming double header with the mighty Devin Townsend Project (not to mention the fantastic Periphery) coming up this Friday 3rd May at the O2 Academy Brixton, Flush The Fashion had Colours To Shame guitarist Thomas Cairney sit down with Meshuggah’s guitar colossus Marten Hagstrom to talk technical metal, touring and what to expect from this blockbuster bill.

Live: Beyoncé’s ‘Mrs Carter Show’ – LG Arena Birmigham

As costume and set changes happen a collection of half-fashion short film, and half-empowering spoken word play on, these are captivating but after a while you start to feel short changed. After all, you pay a hefty ticket price to see her in person, not a five minute video. You feel like you don’t get enough to time to sink into the music before she’s finished the song (often shortened) and has launched into another costume change + video combination.

StreamPort Universal – Bayan Audio

The StreamPort Universal serves as a go-between so that your Hi-Fi or speakers can have a new lease of life, a little white or black box which creates a NFC or Bluetooth connection to all your devices, keeping the device portable and saving you the expense of a new dock.

Pink – The Truth About Love Tour O2 Arena

Pink’s show starts off with an Andy Kaufman type (The ringmaster) wandering around in a sparkly suit like an extra from Beetlejuice. Then the 33-year-old energetically kicks her show with into gear with ‘Raise Your Glass’ – hanging upside down by a bungee rope attached to three half-naked men.

Film Review: Iron Man 3

With over a billion quid in the bank and critical notices so glowing they could have come straight outta Chernobyl, it certainly seemed like everyone and their aunt enjoyed the blockbuster action antics of Marvel’s Avengers Last Stand last year.

PYYRAMIDS – Brightest Darkest Day

The two initially bonded over British Post-Punk bands from the 80s but ‘Brightest Darkest Day’ draws from a whole wealth of influences beyond that. It isn’t an album to throw a capital of unexpected surprises in your face, but it is eleven songs of solid, dark and grimy song-writing.

Desperate Ground, The Thermals

Sometimes artists dick us around, muddle their message and say the interpretation is up to us. Most times, they drop hints here and there…

Film Review: Rebellion

What is the measure of success? What are the success barometers settings? Who decided them, and why? Is success really money? I don’t think it is. I think Truth is success. ‘Rebellion’ is Truth.

God Of War: Ascension

Gameplay is fast, frantic and best of all, FUN! I’m not saying there haven’t been frustrating moments, but Kratos’ weaponry is fairly epic, and I gotta say, there was something special about the feeling that surged through me the first time I used magic.

Bioshock Infinite Review

The first half hour is enough; after continuing the Bioshock tradition of journeying to a new world by means of a mysterious lighthouse, just wandering round the turn-of-the-century floating city of Columbia is an experience I found on par with exploring Fallout 3’s Megaton – you’ll have to trust that’s high praise from me.