Embrace your inner city blues with the Manhattan speaker

By Sara Darling

If you want to relive the eighties and do it in style, the GPO Bluetooth speaker fuses retro aesthetics with whatever music you choose! Whether you’re entertaining at home or out and about, this silver Manhattan beatbox-shaped Bluetooth speaker is bound to be a talking point. 

Portable speakers come in many forms, but this whopper from GPO is built to resemble an old skool ghetto blaster, and has an impressive built-in amplifier to make any kind of sound pump. The nostalgic disco EQ tracker and its luminous lights are another authentic touch – all that is missing is a cassette player! 

It’s perfect for a party- where it can remain plugged in, but the iconic design of this boombox means it’s sturdy enough to travel! All you need to surround yourself with sound for a summer party with the Manhattan is the music on your phone, which can blast from this four speaker beast.

I took mine on a jolly in the waters of Lymington as we had a small boat party. Easy to sync from my smartphone, we all had a go ‘on the decks’. It’s just a shame we didn’t have a microphone as we could have recorded our kitchen disco too! Actually, in retrospect, that is probably for the best. 

It’s not a lightweight speaker- this big boy has balls- which it needs to live up to its hunky good looks! Charge it up and away you go and you’ll impress everyone with your swag. Breakdancers flattened cardboard boxes and Adidas tracksuits optional. 

Shop yours here www.gporetro.com