Blackberry PlayBook – Ripe for picking?

With the iPad 2 launch date edging ever closer, the competition is hotting up in the tablet market. Along with the popular Samsung Galaxy Tab, several other serious competitors looking to unsettle Apple from their current place at the top of the tree.

A Tablet not yet released but one I am personally excited about is the Blackberry Playbook. It is expected to run the brand new Blackberry Operating System and have a 1Ghz Dual Core processor so it should be well equipped to cope with the most demanding of applications.

From watching the trailer(above) the interface looks really nice too. Maybe Blackberry have realised the key to a Tablets success is the pleasure a person gets from using it.

Other features on the BlackBerry Playbook include 2 HD cameras.. Wi-fi, HDMI output, Full HD video playback, and unlike the iPad it WILL support Flash in addition to HTML5 and Adobe Air etc.

This all means that there will be no blank squares when browsing the web and it should also support multiple applications running at the same time.

Blackberry have the edge on many of their competitors in terms of experience mobile devices as a ‘workplace’ tool and the crunch may be what applications are available for users to maximise its capabilities for users in the ‘playplace’.

Looking at this Scrapbook App demonstration from the current MWC convention, it looks like there could be some cool stuff to come.

Flush the Fashion hope to have one of the first reviews of the Tablet as soon as it hits the streets v.soon. Stay tuned!

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