2018’s Top Smartphone Picks

Arguments will always rage about whether Android or Apple phones are the best, but really it comes down to personal choice as to which operating system you prefer.

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Here, in no particular order, we are going to look at what have been some of the best smartphones so far in 2018, but don’t forget, there is still time for more to appear.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

This has to be the best smartphone around if you are an Android fan. It is large phone meant for large hands, and it features the very best of what a smartphone is all about. The screen is said to give the best viewing experience and the camera is among the finest on the market. Unless you are after a small phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus could be the ideal smartphone for you.

iPhone X

This is said to be the best iPhone Apple has ever made, and if you are an Apple fan this is the phone for you. It has an all-new shape and the best display Apple has ever produced. For sharpness, colour and quality it is far superior to the iPhone 8.

The battery life is pretty impressive too. A heavy user might struggle to get 12 hours, but for most people, it will last a whole day. The camera is stunning producing shots that show every detail. If you want to treat yourself to a phone at the higher end of the market, then take a close look at the X.

LG G7 Thin

This is an impressive phone, as you can see from the reviews here,  that does away with all the problems associated with the G6. The screen is bright and one of the most capable around.  It has a good camera that has sensors to work out what’s in front of you. It might not be the best of cameras compared to the likes of Samsung and Apple but it does let you take some good quality shots. It is similar to many of the other Android phones at the cheaper end of the market, but a few tweaks LG have made, make this a more impressive phone.

Samsung Galaxy 9

The Galaxy 9 is a great phone if your hands are not so large, and Samsung offer some excellent value deals, as shown here about Samsung mobiles.  It does not do quite as much as the Galaxy S9 Plus but is a much snugger fit into the palm of your hand. The stunning design means that the screen takes up most of the front of the phone and is capable of showing the best of films. Its camera is not as good as the one on the S9 Plus, but that does not mean it takes bad photos. It is particularly good at taking good photos when there is a low level of light.

Both the Galaxy 9 Plus and the iPhone X surpass the Galaxy 9, but the price difference makes you wonder if that matters.

The market in smartphones is enormous with a lot of new companies emerging from Asia and China. Their goods are beginning to take hold in other countries, and who knows, next year they may be on the list for the best smartphones of 2019.