Sam Law

Win tickets to see Dragonforce Live in the UK!

It’s been a while since Dragonforce properly toured these shores, but the International shred machine return at the end of this month; hunger for performance to be sated and points to be proven.

Enter Shikari / Flood of Red: Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh

Eight hundred-odd punters have rammed themselves into this heaving, long sold-out sweatbox just off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and though it’s a Monday night at summer’s end, it’s hard to escape the feeling (and constant chatter) that we’re attending the gig of the year.

Preview: Wickerman Festival

Returning for its 11th year, Scotland’s Wickerman Festival must sport one of the UK’s most eclectic and characteristic celebrations of live music.

Film Review: The Innkeepers

West had proven himself a major new talent in horror by the frantic closing reel of his slay-tanic debut The House Of The Devil. Here, we see him cut loose. Drawing his palette from not-quite-vintage horror we get menace beneath the floorboards, restless souls of lovers scorned and the deserted 80s interiors of The Overlook. If his building had an elevator, it would bleed.

Film Review: Prometheus

Plotwise, we’re firmly in Chariots of The Gods territory as a pair of intrepid scientists wrangle with faith and science in an attempt to reconcile the two in a flesh-and-blood creator. Protrusively, they’re backed by the ubiquitously shady Weyland organisation whose agenda isn’t so much hidden as mired in the spaghetti script.

This Is Hell / Feed The Rhino @ Stereo, Glasgow

IT’S GIG-ONLY entry at Stereo on a dim, relatively quiet Sunday night in Glasgow but descending the twisted staircase into the venue’s basement venue bowels there’s the inescapable sense of tense, excited anticipation among those who’ve made it out.

Live Review: Errors at The Arches, Glasgow

Populated by ageing hipsters, fresh-looking indie-chicks and a spare few from outside the local ‘scene’ it’s the kind of gig the grubby, timeworn rabble who populate the front rows at Mogwai gigs would cock a sceptical eyebrow towards, snorting in derision at the bare-faced struck-posture of it all.

Live Review: Sharks @King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Theirs is a short set (under an hour), but it’s hookier than a fisherman’s toolbox and manages the neat trick – for a band with only that one full album – of leaving the audience already calling for a plethora of “forgotten favourites”.

Live Review: Falloch – Glasgow

Drawing from a palette of bog browns, pale sky blues and sunset gold, Falloch channel their Celtic influences to evoke the beautiful desolation of the Scottish north.