Music Review: Electric Guest – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Its winter in Melbourne – cold, dark, trying to escape the icy Antarctic breeze, and searching for warmth in any form it wishes to materialise. On Wednesday evening we ventured out into the night, watching our breath escape into the inner city pollution, and headed to what has become my favourite venue in Melbourne – Northcote Social Club.

Live Review: Matt Corby – The Forum Theatre, Melbourne

Corby’s song ‘Brother’ has been a summer anthem down here, with the infectious “oooh ooh ooh, oooh oooh ooooh” from the song’s intro on loop in the heads of all those who listen to the radio. It would be a marvel if there wasn’t an Australian who hadn’t heard this song, even more of a wonder if they hadn’t belted out the chorus at some point.

The Maccabees – The HiFi Bar: Melbourne

My fondest memory of The Maccabees is sitting on the pavement on The Strand, in the middle of winter, waiting for a night bus at some ungodly hour, with a boy who I had a massive teenage crush on.

The Mel-bourne Identity

As Flush the Fashion spreads its musical wings further afield, Priyam (Pea) Chovhan reviews 3 shows on the thriving music scene in Melbourne, Australia.