Nick W

Live: Jake Klar Buzzes @ Tammany Hall Show, NY

Listening to his smoky vocals fall effortless atop the guitar and sometimes harmonica infused arrangements, it’s no wonder Klar recently left academics in pursuit of music full time – it’s undoubtedly his calling.

Lemonade @ Brooklyn Museum, NY

Last weekend the Audiophile concert series came to a close with an appearance from Brooklyn electro-dance group Lemonade. In full ‘80s beach swimwear regalia, Lemonade appeared to have just gotten off the plane from Miami Beach (though the crowd did not reciprocate their fashion enthusiasm).

Dandy Warhols – Zia McCabe: Stripped Bare

The Dandy Warhols have come along way from their humble beginnings eighteen years ago in a small club in Portland, Oregon. They’ve just released their ninth studio album ‘This Machine’, and probably their most stripped back album to date.

Young Heel: Baby Steps

Already generating buzz for their stellar cover of ‘90s classic “Love You Down,” as well as a brilliantly solid debut EP “Falls”— Brooklyn group Young Heel cites their sound as a blend of pop, ambient, and R&B.

Nat Osborn @Cameo Gallery, New York

Powered by a seven-piece band (including a brass horn trio) the Nat Osborn band effortlessly filled the space in Cameo Gallery with power anthems fueled by vocal and melodic theatrics.

Lee Ranaldo: On the Crest of a New Wave

Lee Ranaldo – founding member of Sonic Youth and 33rd greatest guitarist of all time is about to release his first ever ‘proper’ solo record. Nick Williams caught up with him ‘Between the Times and the Tides’.

Live Review: St Lucia @Cameo Gallery, New York

Opening with the epic “We Got It Wrong,” a cacophony of ghostly vocals moved through the foggy synth backdrop. At moments, Jean Phillip’s smooth voice vaguely evoked a much cooler Phil Collins, fueled by powerhouse harmonies (a trio including guitarist Ross Clark & keyboardist Beranek).