Lemonade @ Brooklyn Museum, NY

Lemonda live @ Brooklyn MuseumThe Audiophile concert series came to a close with an appearance from Brooklyn electro-dance group Lemonade. In full ‘80s beach swimwear regalia, Lemonade appeared to have just gotten off the plane from Miami Beach (though the crowd did not reciprocate their fashion enthusiasm).

With minimal sound tech and no lighting effects, Lemonade fell slightly flat compared to their sophomore full-length Diver, out now on True Panther.

However, their sunshine melodies and lyrical hooks did manage to lift the spirits of those in the hall at Brooklyn Museum. Behind the stage, a floor-to-ceiling glass wall let the light and sun shine in on the backs of the three band mates, as a group of teenage girls performed hip-hop dance moves at the front of the crowd. Singer Callan Clendenin then thanked them for their energy, enlisting us all to follow suit.

Clendenin channeled his best New Order impression, as he surged into personal favorite “Ice Water,” echoing “Some memories can paralyze me / I need to feel your hands on me.” In person, the lyrics felt more melodramatic than poignant, as it seemed the band mates might have needed a few more espressos before the set. But perhaps it was just the venue itself, the early nature of the set, and the youthful audience that led to their low energy.

Lemonade @ Brooklyn Museum

While the set-up in theory was ideal for Lemonade, it seemed that they would prove more successful in a venue like Glasslands Gallery or Pianos, where effects could engage with the tripped out hazy post-punk nature of the music.

Since they no longer live in San Franscisco (Lemonade are relatively new Brooklyn-ites), we look forward to future chances to see them in action.

Catch Lemonade’s next show in NYC on August 4th, playing PS1 as part of its summer Warm-Up series with Jamie xx, Pearson Sound, Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones.

For more info on Lemonade visit www.truepanther.com/lemonade

Photos courtesy of Maxx Berkowitz

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