Chris Leddy

Eon Altar preview

Eon Altar is a five player iOS, Android and Windows 8 game that allows one tablet to be used as the board, whilst five other devices are used as each player’s character sheet, allowing you to dynamically alter your character, equipment, stats, etc – whilst the main game continues on the center tablet.

Game Review: Rock Band Blitz

Rock Band Blitz is an odd one; to take away the one thing that made Harmonix’s previous titles in the franchise what they are seems like one of the strangest manoeuvres ever witnessed in the games industry. However, as it turns out giant plastic instruments aren’t the only thing that make a Rock Band title ROCK.

Game Review: They Bleed Pixels

It’s hard to review and critique They Bleed Pixels without mentioning Super Meat Boy at least once, both are consistent with their ridiculous difficulty and both happen to be 2D side scrollers, however – They Bleed Pixels has an edge to it, it has that something extra that just makes it more appealing to me

Game Review: Orcs Must Die! 2

Robot Entertainment are back with a second installment to their Orcs Must Die series, this time sporting a rather nifty Co-op mode, but aside from the inclusion of a friend, what’s so different about Orcs Must Die 2?

Preview: Alt-minds

It’s hard to define Alt-minds as a video game (in the classic sense of the term anyway). Alt-Minds is more an experiment, an in-depth narrative trial if you will. To understand the concept you will need to listen very carefully.

Game Review: Tiny Troopers iOS

Tiny Troopers puts you in command of a group of soldiers, tiny ones at that – your objective is to clear the level by either escorting NPCs, killing all the enemy units, destroying all enemy buildings or a variation of all three. The game uses simple touch screen controls to allow you to move and shoot by simply plonking your finger wherever you want these actions to take place.