The Million Dollar Song

The most exclusive and most expensive song to have ever been released has gone on sale. The Million Dollar Song costs one million dollars and there is only one copy for sale. Amazingly, artist Chris Graham has already declined a 6 figure sum for the song.

Chris Graham, the Banksy of Music?

Chris is also refusing to allow the song to be played on the radio or on-line streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify and Youtube. The song is so exclusive that so far the only person to have heard the song is the artist himself who wrote and recorded it.

“Prior to releasing the song I have had every image of me removed from the internet. People can use their imagination to think about what the Million Dollar Song might sound like. They have no pre-conceived ideas because they don’t know what I have done previously nor how I sound.

“No famous artist could ever spark peoples imagination to such an extent because people would have pre-conceived ideas about them and how they sound. Like Banksy, I don’t have that baggage.The Million Dollar Song gets people to think about the way in which they value recorded music as a work of art.”

“A women said to me how she had treasured travelling to see a valuable original work of art. She said that getting to hear my Million Dollar Song would be the musical equivalent. She understood right away.

“Everyone of all ages who know the song exists wants to hear it. People are contacting me demanding to know what the Million Dollar Song sounds like. I have created a demand because it is so exclusive and so expensive. That is why people want to hear it. Some are abusive when I refuse to send out copies… and then I tell them “That’s why it is worth a million dollars”. Everyone wants to hear it but if I send out copies then it will lose its value.

U2 album given away free

Chris explains “The latest U2 album was given away for free to millions of people many of whom didn’t want it. The recorded music lost its value. It was instantly disposable. Bono is fully aware of the implications”.

Artists such as Portishead are complaining about the tiny fees they receive from streaming services for their music.

Geoff Barrow, Portishead’s founder and instrumentalist, attacked Spotify, YouTube, Apple and ‘especially’ Universal Music for selling his music cheaply. He received just £1,700 in royalties despite his songs being played 34 million times.

Most of the general public have stopped buying music because it is so readily available for free. Music has become taken for granted.

The music industry is heading towards the stage whereby it won’t be viable for artists to spend their time and money writing, recording and promoting new music unless they are already wealthy.

Noel Gallagher is wondering why there are no new upcoming bands and why only solo singer-songwriters are making it big. The reason why there are so few new upcoming bands is because record companies have cut the money they are willing to invest in new talent.

Where is the next Oasis?

Bands from poorer-backgrounds can’t now afford to tour unless someone invests in them. The overheads are a lot lower for a solo artist.

A lot of music venues have closed and others are struggling as it can cost a lot of money just to open their doors to host an event. They are becoming more reliant upon tribute bands and they are less of a risk than undiscovered bands on their way up.

Music is one of UK’s greatest cultural exports but the industry is dying. The next Beatles, Sex Pistols, Oasis isn’t going to happen unless the industry changes, and for that to happen the way in which people value music will have to change.

An artist who has written hundreds of songs said to me “Your Million Dollar Song makes me realise that everything I’ve ever written was worthless but in future my art will be valued artistically and financially thanks to what you are doing”. That’s the point.

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A) What do we know about Chris Graham? – He has worked in the music and I.T. industries with many famous artists but prefers to stay out of the limelight. He was born in the same village hospital near Bristol as Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. His father went to school with Darth Vader (actor Dave Prowse). He is a Bristol Rovers fan (Banksy is a Bristol City fan).

B) What do we know about the Million Dollar Song? – It is an instrumental song because a very famous band didn’t return some favours to send him a microphone. It is under 4 mins long. Only one copy is available and it costs a million dollars.