Flush the Fashion Poker Night 1st Feb 2011

Flush the Fashion Poker NightsThe great thing about Flush the Fashion is you will see articles and stuff from all sorts of people on all sorts of subjects.

When we thought about the site, we wanted to it be a place where one day you could read an article on Captain Beefheart, while the next day there would be a recipe for a Thai Curry or a review of the latest Electric Car. We want the site to be eclectic, chances are you won’t like everything, but you might read something you wouldn’t normally look at.

One thing we love doing at Flush the Fashion is playing poker.

If I had a choice (and lots of money), I would be a Poker Pro travelling the world from table to tournament, one night in Bangkok, the next in Rio, winning (and losing) a million on the turn of a card…. Ah well, we can all dream.

Flush the Fashion Poker Nights

Flush the Fashion will be holding regular poker nights and a poker league in the near future. Our first game is on FullTiltPoker.com on Tuesday February 1st at 9PM GMT.
The Tournament is totally free to enter but there are only seats for 100 players. We have added $50 to the prize money so no-one is going to become a millionaire (but you won’t lose anything either). If you’re up for a friendly game and don’t know who the fish is either, give us your details and we’ll make sure you get the password first.

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