Sam Chauhan – Poker mind coach

Sam Chauhan - Poker mind coachSam Chauhan is a mind coach, he teaches people to win at poker and to take control of their lives. His advice is not cheap, but he has no shortage of clients so he must be doing something right. Flush the Fashion were lucky enough to speak to him (for free) to see if he could offer us any tips.

What exactly is a mindset couch?
I help my clients get focused to perform at their peak in life or career using different psychological techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming to you) to Clinical Hypnosis.

How long have you been coaching people?

How did you get into helping Poker players?
I ran into Antonio Esfandiari in the bathroom and he asked me what I do. I told him I am a mindset coach. He stated I have everything money, girls, and friends. I still feel unhappy. I took him on for the 2009 World Series Of Poker and he finished 24th in two events including the Main Event.

Since then I got offers to take on other players from Josh Arieh and he finished 2nd for close to a $1,000,000 in the WPT. Paul Wasicka finished 1st WSOP Tunica, David Williams won the WPT, Phil Hellmuth back to back final tables in the WPT, Gavin Smith bracelet in Wsop 2010, John Racener 2nd in the WSOP main event.

Can you name some of the celebrities and poker players you have worked with?

Phil Hellmuth, Cung Lee (MMA), King Mo (MMA), Antonio Esfandiari, Paul Wasicka, John Racener, Gavin Smith, David Williams, Josh Arieh, Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates, Mike Matusow, Danny Wong and many I cant say because of contract.

What do you help your clients with?

I help them with their Mindset, they way they approach the game.

Do you play Poker yourself?
Yes, but just for fun.

Do you have any simple techniques players can use to improve their game?
Many people want to break a pattern of negative thoughts, you can call it ’tilting’. One of the ways you can break the pattern is by holding your breath long as you can. Eventually every thought will disappear in your brain except you need to breathe. That will break the pattern. After that you need to focus on something you are grateful for in life. Do it as many time as needed until you get away from those negative thoughts.

Do you think you can make anyone better at playing poker?
If I can help you deal with tilting then you will be a better player. Most people make their mistakes in poker when they are emotionally attached to an negative event or situation that took place in the past.

Can people take the skills you teach into daily life?

Definitely, like I said it’s a mindset that can be applied to many situations.

You can find more info on Sam Chauhan, his techniques and seminars on his website. He has also written a best selling book ‘Mindspower Unleashed’ on the subject.

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