Weezer 'You Might Think'

weezer you might think

When I saw this for the first time last night I knew we should feature it on Flush the Fashion. It is great for so many reasons. The main one being that Weezer’s cover of ‘You Might Think’ by The Cars is almost exactly the same as the original.

They haven’t tried to do anything clever or modern with it, just learned the notes, plugged the guitars in and er… that’s about it (just like their Paranoid Android cover). The mistake most people make with cover versions (and movie re-makes) is to try and change things.

Ric Ocasek, lead singer with The Cars produced Weezer’s Blue and Green albums, so this just may be their way of saying thanks to him (by the way, ‘You might Think’ is on Heartbeat City, a great record you can find out more about here).

It’s also feature in the upcoming Cars 2 film, which as anyone with a child under 6 will know is one of the highlights of this year.

I loved the first Cars film too, people go on about Toy Story, but I would rather watch Cars any day, and believe me I have, probably 30 times. not by choice, but because my kid loves it so much. So I have a deep love by proxy, sort of..

The only down side is the amount of money I am going to have to shell out to buy all the new toy characters from this film. By the look of things, there is hundreds of them!!

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