Too Weird to live, too weird to die by Panic! At The Disco

Too weird to Live, too weird to die -  Panic At The Disco

Too Weird to live, too weird to die is Panic! At The Disco’s new pop direction and I’ve got a feeling it may disappoint some of their cult following.

After another line up change that leaves original two piece of frontman Brendon Urie (above) and Spencer Smith with bassist Dallon Weekes and touring guitarist Kenneth Harris.

Lead single ‘Miss Jackson’ was unfortunately released so close to Fall Out Boy’s ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark’ that the similarities are impossible to ignore. Second single ‘This Is Gospel’ is an anthemic sing along rock song with great lyrics, some oh oh’s to sing along to and a clever video. Unfortunately this track feels out of place in an electro pop orientated album.

‘Vegas Lights’ and ‘Girls/Girls/Boys’ are great electronic pop tracks that show an 80’s influence on their signature seedy lyrics. These songs could easily leak into the mainstream and give the band the commercial success they deserve. ‘Girl That You Love’ has hints of Swedish popstar Robyn’s sound while ‘Nicotine’ is a more familiar sound with the use of clever metaphors in the lyrics. Other songs like ‘Too Young and Die’ and ‘Collar Full’ have Frankie Goes to Hollywood influences but are forgettable on the first few listens. The spark and wit their debut album had has long gone and you can’t help but miss former lyricist Ryan Ross’ tales of brothels and cheating brides.

Panic! at the Disco have always stood out in the pop punk scene because of Brendon Urie’s charismatic vocals. On this album he’s hidden under heavy beats and auto tuned vocals. The band still have so much potential, but this album despite its moments seems like chance slightly wasted.

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