The Lovely Eggs

You mentioned Gruff Rhys there, what was it like working with The Super Furry Animal?
H & D: Amazin’!!
H: When Dave and I are working, we’re like, should we do this, should we do that? Oh, let’s just go to the pub!
D: Usually we do everything ourselves – we record it, produce it, we engineer it ourselves. There’s just the two of us in the studio and no engineer to advise us.
H: So when Gruff came along, he had all these ideas and a fresh approach!
D: He’s spot on really – he just had these amazin’ ideas and made it run so smoothly!
H: He’s a good egg!

The Lovely Eggs

So you were at Abbey Road today, that’s something that I’d find incredibly intimidating… Has anywhere or anyone ever intimidated you?
H: One time, I met Kim Gordan (Sonic Youth) and I really didn’t know what to say to her, I was 15 or something, I was in my first band and I just gave her a demo tape outside their gig, it was really intimidating.
D: Most members of Sonic Youth are intimidating really…
H: Yeah, and you just don’t know what to say!
D: It’s kinda difficult when you’re a fan and you just don’t know what to say but it was different with Gruff cos he came to meet us. But when you’re in total awe of someone, it can be difficult!

Have you ever done anything embarrassing whilst drunk (if you can remember)?
H: Oh, too many to mention really!
D: Mine was probably in that record shop…
H: Oh yeah, in America when he took all his clothes off…
D: Well, I didn’t mean to. There weren’t many people there and it was in the middle of the night. You see, we did this gig there and we asked “Where are we stayin’ tonight?”, and they said, “Here!” Ha ha, it was one of those situations were you wake up a bit drunk in the middle of the night and you don’t know where you are.
H: It’s one of those moments when you suddenly wake up and you think you’re at home, then you realise that you’re actually not at home.
D: I just got out of my sleeping bag, totally naked, thinking, “Right I need the toilet!”. So I get up and it’s like…
D & H: Ohhh, there’s OTHER PEOPLE!

lovely eggs interviewDo you have any bizarre showbiz moments?
H: We were recording last year with Jad Fair at South By Southwest, (We’re massive fans of Half Japaneses & Jad Fair.) We emailed him, saying we’re gonna be at SXSW and would he like to do some recording with us? And he got back to us and said “Yes”! We couldn’t believe this cos Jad Fair is just …huge – this massive icon to us!

So we got over there, and did loads of shows at the festival, then we got on a bus to go down town to meet him. He arranged to pick us up in his car on this street. Anyway, when we got off the bus, we were running cos we were really late to meet him. We got to the car and we thought “Aye-up, what if it’s not Jad Fair?”
D: Ha ha, we could have just got in with some random individual!
H: It could have been some serial killer, I mean this was Texas after all and were just about to get in his car! But we did get in the back and he spoke to us and said “Hi Holly, Hi David!”

H: Once we did a gig in a scrap yard in LA. David went missing for what seemed like hours. I was frantic worrying about him cos we all know about serial killers in America and the place was called the Death Shack. There was a lot of people partying and I asked all of them, but no one had seen him. I was nearly crying with worry. In the end one guy told me he thought he had seen David go through this door in this shack in the scrap yard, so as a last resort I tried the door and WHAM!!… Found David slap bang in the middle of a gem rock museum!

We had never been to a gem rock museum in a scrap yard at midnight before. David was jangling volcanic bubbles with his new best friend who looked like Kevin Spacey. Then they smashed them open with hammers and there were all these crystals inside. We took a volcano bubble home with us. we have it wrapped in newspaper. There are a lot of strange places in America!

Going back to the single, Panic Plants ..What’s that about?

H: His OCD!
D: Well kind of, it is really but I used to be a lot worse than I am now! I’m like ..when we’re leaving, I’m always having to go and check doors and stuff like that to check, “Have I locked up?” Especially if going off on holiday or to a gig.
H: I’ll like, plant a seed in David’s head… We’ll be setting off somewhere and I’ll say, “Shit, did we lock up??” But then, I’ll just accept that we have. But David wouldn’t be able to let it go. Then it’ll just grow into a big worry and we’d have to go back and check.
D: I’ll start freakin’ out about it then she’ll go {David starts to sing}, “Planting the seeds in David’s head” as if to say, don’t worry about it, it’ll be fine!

You recently worked with the legend that is John Shuttleworth (aka Graham Fellows) in the fantastic video for Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like It!). How did all that come about?
H: We met him a couple of years ago when he was performing as Brian Appleton actually, at a local theatre in Lancaster. We went to a party afterwards and we just got talking to him.

Was he still in character?
H: Ha ha, no, he has Graham and we got talking about Nuts In May, the Mike Leigh film (The Play For Today TV series), cos we both love it. We just clicked with him and we started writing to each other. A lot of years past and he was doing a John Shuttleworth show in Lancaster. So we just got in touch with him to ask if he’d like to be in our video. He got back straight away and said “Yes, love to be in it!”
D: Yeah, it was as simple as that!
H: Then we had to approach the subject, we didn’t really know what we were gonna do at first, we just thought he’d be good in it. Then we texted him, “How would you feel about putting a sausage roll on your thumb?”
D: Ha ha, we thought, he’s not gonna do that!

You’ve done some songs with naughty words in them such as People Are T****! and F*** It! Did you ever have your mouths washed out with soap when you were kids?
H: Too much, my mum was a bugger for it, but I rebelled against it as you can see! I think, when you get past a certain age, you just don’t give a shit!
My Mum now, she’s like, “I like the tune to that F-it single!”
D: Her Mum is often round our house and I can hear her walking around humming [David starts to hum the tune to F*** It!] Ha ha!
H: Our songs are just us, we just write about what happens to us. We never write about things that are not on our wavelength or things we don’t experience.
D: It’s not that we’re just puttin’ swear words in for the sake of it. I mean, that’s what you think, so why not put that in? You think f*** it, so why can’t you just write that down??
H: We’re not intentionally trying to be provocative by swearing AT ALL, but it’s something we say, and everyone else says it and thinks it, so why wouldn’t you put it in a song? You don’t have to be poetic about everything!

If I came to Lancaster for the day/night, where would you take me?
H & D: We would take you to our Mums’ houses for elevenses. Then to Market Street chippy round the corner from our house. Then we’d go to listen to some jazz and have a few sweets at the Stonewell and head out to The Yorkshire House- Lancaster’s best venue. Then we’d take you back home to listen to some records and get f***ed!

The Lovely Eggs are on tour NOW so do your best to ‘hatch’ – ahem, I mean catch – them at some of these dates!

Mon 24th Oct The Bull & Gate – Kentish Town
Fri 25th The Victoria – Birmingham
Sun 27th Fibbers – York
Mon 28th The Prince Albert – Brighton
Tue 29th The Portland Arms – Cambridge
Wed 30th The Bassment – Chelmsford
Fri 2nd The Donkey Bar – Leicester
Sat 3rd The Hop – Wakefield
Tue 6th The Night and Day Cafe – Manchester