The Horrors- Luminous

In recent times The Horrors have become the Matthew McConaughey of English music. Once where they were disliked by many, now they’re loved and admired by most. They’ve come a long way in their past three albums and like MM that transformation hasn’t happened by chance, (his happened when he stopped making crap rom-coms) for The Horrors its been a deliberate decision to step out of the shadows.

The Horrors

They’re no doubt owners of a wealthy record collection, reflected in the border-line disco shimmering of ‘In And Out Of Sight’ to The Stone Roses-esque ‘First Day of Spring’. But Luminous is no (Matthew McConaughey joke incoming) Fool’s Gold, this album is entirely their own invention and the influences you notice throughout are little more than reference points to what has made Luminous sound like, well, The Horrors.

The one thing it doesn’t do though (that past albums have) is bare its teeth, at times it does feel like it’s trying too hard to be your friend. It’s undoubtedly their most colourful offering to date, un-surprisingly given the title. It’s a blossoming beautiful adventure that showcases how The Horrors have gone from just lifting ideas off of their most beloved dusty vinyls to truly owning their own sound. But it also casts light on the death of the snarly Faris Badwan and co of old.

2011’s Skying was unlucky to not get a Mercury Prize nod, and Luminous again presents a strong case to earning a nomination.

Luminous is released on Monday May 5th via XL Recordings.