You Say You Want A Revolution – Records and Rebels 1966-1970: V&A London

Fresh from its recent success with the Alexander McQueen and David Bowie exhibitions the V&A London just seems to be going from strength to strength with its programming in recent times. They’ve announced a Pink Floyd Exhibition ‘Their Mortal Remains’ for May next year and a current highlight is this current audio/visual delight, brought together under the title ‘You Say You Want A Revolution- Records and Rebels 1966-1970′.

Revolution exhibition photography

Upon entry you are given a set of headphones and as you move from one part of the exhibition to another the music will change according to the mood. There are many priceless exhibits on display, including original clothing and musical instruments and all the (now iconic) vinyl record covers are from the late, legendary DJ, John Peel’s private collection.

Revolution exhibition photography 06-09-2016

I don’t want to give too much away about what is waiting for you as it’s a really exciting and awe-inspiring document to a past time that felt so fresh and innocent (if only to begin with). As post-war depression gave way to the mini skirt, LSD, free love and The Beatles, London exploded with psychedelic colour. Sea changes in popular culture, music, film and politics in the UK and the US became a beacon for the rest of the Western World to follow and the exhibition captures many of the defining moments in time during these short years.

It’s a fantastic exhibition and definitely a must-see experience.

Revolution exhibition photography 06-09-2016

You Say You Want A Revolution – Records and Rebels is on now until Sunday, 26 February 2017
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