Concert: ZZ Ward — Soul, Energy, and Heart

Photos courtesy of Harry Acosta — Website | Instagram | Facebook

ZZ Ward (Zsuzsanna Eva Ward) made her way through Columbus, OH this week bringing with her Billy Raffoul and Black Pistol Fire. Each brought their own level of soul, energy, and heart.

Much like George Ezra, Billy Raffoul’s voice was much smother and maturer than you would expect from this 23-year-old Canadian.

Black Pistol Fire is a duo out of Austin TX and one of the most energetic bands I have ever seen perform live. I’m not convinced Kevin McKeown could stand still if he needed to. Anytime they are in town, I will cover them.

ZZ Ward takes us through the gambit of feels with her music. Seeping with soul and meaning, feeling, and fun she provided the music this primarily female crowd was hoping for since her last stop here in 2014. Her new release the Storm is out now.