Music: Spector – Kyoto Garden

Kyoto Garden is taken from Spector’s upcoming album, the video is directed by Never Ending Fun and is “a rich, psychedelic journey through a cacophony of vibrant, rainforest shapes and colours providing a mesmerising visual accompaniment to the track”.

The music might be more downbeat than Spector fans are used to, but it’s an exciting glimpse into a second album that will hopefully be the soundtrack to the Summer.

We’ve never been to Kyoto, this song isn’t really set in Kyoto but it seemed to take us and everyone we collaborated with to a similar headspace.” — Jed Cullen (guitar)

Working with Never Ending Fun and Topman made for a different video experience – but through the directors’ vision and their response to the images generated by the public online we arrived at a visual that feels at one with the tranquillity of the song.” — Fred Macpherson (vocals)

The (as yet) untitled second album from Spector is set for a late August release.